Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pilot - Magic-A Golden Classic Edition (1974) (1997 Collectables) mp3 & Flac

Collectables' Magic is a retitled reissued of Pilot's eponymous debut album, boasting five bonus tracks: "Just Let Me Be," "January," "Do Me Good," "The Mover" and "Canada." With its swirling keyboards and falsetto vocals, "Magic" became one of the great one-shots of the '70s, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with one-hit wonders that Pilot's accompanying full-length isn't as good. Despite the lack of strong material, the album is hardly without merit. Pilot, along with producer Alan Parsons, crafted an album of light prog-rock and melodic soft pop-rock. All of the album sounds terrific, and there are some catchy melodies, but there aren't many great songs, just a lot of adequate ones. As a result, it's simply an artifact of its era, but it's an enjoyable one at that.(allmusic.com)

I can't agree in nothing what allmusic say here about the songs. I would love to see Mr Erlewine making music, writing songs, producing records, performing... i better stop here. :-)
There were not many better british pop albums 1974.

Have fun
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  1. An absolutely dire and lazy review from allmusic but, hey, how does that differ from many of allmusic's reviews? Just spotted your comment, Frank, and I agree...as another Frank (Zappa) said 'music journalism is people who can't write'. Of its time? Certainly. So is Elvis at Sun, the first few Stones albums, etc. Nothing wrong with that.


    1. Hello James, yes you are right a lot of the reviews are hard to understand. Nice you mention Frank Zappa, in my opinion one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. And i speak of any kind of musicians (classical, experimental, everything). People never gave him in his lifetime the appraisal he deserved for his (complete) musical work. I hope future generations will not remember ''this guy sitting naked on a toilet'' but for his musical legacy in all its facets plus the musical genius behind of that. Don't get me wrong i am no ''fan'' of Zappa i am more a lover of people who create ideas or things that shows different possibilities. Oh wow, lol, from 'A' like Allmusic to 'Z' like Zappa in one minute. Thanks James for your comment and the inspiration, lol, have a nice day

  2. Pilot had quite a few great pop songs. Thanks for the share!