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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Psychedelic Pop from the sixties: The Third Rail - ID Music 1967 (1997 Rev-Ola) Flac & mp3

Epic Original Lp Front

The Third Rail are mostly known for their small 1967 hit single "Run, Run, Run," which reached #53 and was included on the initial Nuggets compilation of 1960s garage and psychedelic rock. "Run, Run, Run" is actually not typical of most of what made up the Nuggets anthology, having nothing to do with garage rock. Instead, it was a mildly clever, and gimmicky, pop-rock tune with bubblegummy elements in the perky, choppy rhythms, sing-songy chorus, and high vocals and background harmonies. Lyrically it was somewhat a cut above the late-'60s bubblegum tunes the Third Rail's principals would later write, poking fun at the straight world rat race.

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That was particularly true of its strange bridge, featuring a spoken mock-recitation of the New York Stock Exchange in which the figures quoted measured heart attacks, mental illness, ulcers, and general chaos rather than actual prices. The Third Rail were a studio-only group (although they did play one show in Cincinnati), comprised of the unlikely trio of Artie Resnick, his wife Kris Resnick, and Joey Levine. Artie Resnick was a Brill Building veteran who had co-written the Drifters' "Under the Boardwalk" and the Rascals' "Good Lovin'," while Levine was a teenager who had done a bit of recording and played in some local New York bands.
Rev-Ola Front
They did do a full album, Id Music, as well as a few other singles, in an odd and oft-awkward blend of late Brill Building-period pop-rock, early bubblegum, psychedelia, and trendily socially relevant lyrics, usually featuring Levine's high youthful vocals. After the Third Rail dissolved following their last single in 1968, all three of the members played leading roles in early bubblegum rock. Joey Levine had a hit with "Yummy Yummy Yummy," on which he sang, though it was credited to the Ohio Express, and all of them became staff songwriter/producers for Kasenetz & Katz Associates.(
Rev-Ola Back
This is a wonderful piece of Psychedelic Pop and/or ''Psychedelic Bubblegum'' . Nearly every song is very pleasant and with a great production. One of a favourite pop record of that time for me. Highly recommend!

Have fun
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Second Album by The Red Button - As Far As Yesterday Goes 2011 Flac & mp3

Typically, artists pay homage to their pop/rock heroes or an era that is special to them by creating collections of crafty covers. This is way too typical and unimaginative for the brilliant, versatile, and agile musical minds of Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg, who follow up their critically acclaimed 2007 indie debut, She's About to Cross My Mind, with an equally brilliant set of originals that draw from an even richer, more stylistically expansive well than their previous work did. The mid-'60s Beatles mystique is still there, to be sure; with its feisty harmonica and shimmering guitars; the rousing opener "Caught in the Middle" is a contemporary equivalent of what might have happened if Lennon and McCartney had come up with sharper lyrics and a more dynamic groove on "I Should Have Known Better." Album title aside, it's just as much about the tomorrows that follow yesterday -- as in what Ruekberg, the album's producer, has called the "golden age of singer/songwriter driven pop/rock."
The result is a delightful journey that allows listeners to remain in the indie world of the 2010s while drifting off on a dreamy, super-melodic bus infused with the pure pop magic of 1965-1973. Kids growing up in the 2010s might not remember a time when music was this charming, to the point, and infectious, which is all the more reason their parents should make them listen to it. The good news is that the vibe harkens back to an era where music was eminently hummable; the better news is that Swirsky and Ruekberg are not just great mood setters but excellent pop craftsmen. The two are very much the modern equivalent of Lennon and McCartney in that Swirsky has Paul's sense of romance and wistful optimism, while Ruekberg's got a slightly darker, sardonic edge.
This synergy between darkness and light infuses the light-hearted musical vibe of the title track and "Picture" with creeping shadows and a few lumps in the throat full of sadness and regret. Happy, jangling guitars drive "Girl, Don't," but the pleas to extend the relationship belie that expected emotion. Similarly, "Sandreen" blends cheerful jangle, punchy guitars, and airy vocals with a story of love after the fact. Thankfully, there are also a few bursts where a sense of hope overwhelms all other impulses, particularly on the magnificent, sunny girl chasing sweetness of "On a Summer Day," the charming "healthy relationship" tune "She Grows Where She's Planted," and the cheery acoustic clap and singalong of "You Do Something to Me." Listeners could get so caught up in any one of these -- which easily merit a hundred listens before moving to the next -- that they might forget that there are 12 songs total. But the final three tracks are delightfully crisp as well, starting with the heavy-hearted/jingle-jangle Beatles-flavored "I Can't Forget" and wrapping up with the laid-back melancholy of "Genevieve" and the powerful, introspective search for personal peace in "Running Away," which features a gorgeous blend of guitar and piano.
Swirsky makes a point in the press materials of saying that the Red Button reflects on the reality that "not everything is perfect and happy all the time" -- but he forgot to mention that, in the 37 minutes of listening to As Far as Yesterday Goes from start to finish, everything truly is. It's pure pop genius from start to finish.
Here is, as i promised, the fantastic second album by Swirsky/Ruekberg.

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Nederbeat 1968-1970 The Shoes - NaNaNa (1998) Flac & mp3

The Shoes were as highly succesful freak-beat band from Zoeterwoude (NL) that emerged in the second half of the sixties. Their combination of the soulful vocals of Theo van Es with accessible, yet uncommon songwriting went very well with Dutch audiences.
All of their sixties singles entered the top-ten in The Netherlands and they were the first Dutch band ever to make the British charts with ''Farewell in the rain''. When Theo left the band in 1971, the band shouldered on as ''Double You (5)'', but left almost no trace in musical history. A short-lived reunion with Theo and the band name resurrected, spawned another hit-single in 1974. Soon afterward the band disbanded, although in 1980 another reunion took place for a Dutch festival.
On the 12th and 13th of March 2011 'The Shoes' celebrated their 50th anniversary with a double concert in their hometown Zoeterwoude.

I am a big fan of the so called 'Nederbeat' and The Shoes were a fine pop band with a very own sound. If you don't know the band give them a try.

Have fun
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mp3 files added for The Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind 2007

I just added the mp3 link for ''The Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind'' (2007) in the yesterday's post.


Here comes a chef's suggestion!!! - The Floor Models - Floor Your Love & Letter From Liverpool

Hello Folks, today i want start the blog with a suggestion of a fine Jangle/Pop Rock/Power Pop band from New York City. For me the band was until yesterday unknown, i only had heard the name one or two times before and the song ''Letter From Liverpool''. Most of you people of the Blogosphere will know the band because a member of the Floor Models - that's the name of this fantastic gang of musicians - have a fine Blog who's called ''Power Pop'' and it's a very popular Blog. Steve Simels is the owner of the blog and plays bass and keyboards in the Floor Models. We came in contact some weeks ago due to a swiss band of the sixties... I want not tell the whole story here because this is a suggestion about Steve's band and the great album ''Floor Your Love'' (zerohourrecords).here.

The songs on the album are from the early eighties until '88 and i highly recommend it if you are a lover of very well done Jangle/Power Pop. What i think about the album detailed (and also the 5 Track Ep or single? ''Letter from Liverpool'' released 2016) you can read at the ''Power Pop'' Blog by Steve

More infos about the albums you will find here.
If you like what you hear (and i know you will :-) ) you can buy the album here and the ep/single here.

Kind regards

Sixties inspired Power Pop: The Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind 2007 Flac

Here is the first The Red Button from 2007 and to me this is a little Power Pop masterpiece. I highly recommend it!

I will post the link for mp3  tomorrow.

The Red Button

Swirsky's album of pop songs, She's About to Cross My Mind recorded with Mike Ruekberg under the group name The Red Button, was released in February 2007. The first song from the CD, "Cruel Girl," charted No. 1 in Billboard Magazine as "Coolest Song In The World This Week" (July 22, 2007) on Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show. The song was chosen to be on The Coolest Songs in the World, Volume 4 CD on Wicked Cool Records in 2008. The Red Button has also been featured on The Loft's "In Spite Of All The Danger" program and on Sirius Radio's Idiot's Delight with Vin Scelsa.
On August 7, 2007, they gave their first performance at Spaceland in Los Angeles to a packed house, as part of David Bash's International Pop Overthrow pop music festival.
The CD was also ranked the "Top of the Pops - Overall Best of 2007" by
In a year-end poll of the top pop records of the year, She's About to Cross My Mind was ranked No. 1 (out of 125) by Absolute Powerpop. Pop music journalist and author of "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide," John Borack, ranked "She's About to Cross My Mind" No. 1 in his Top 20 Best Albums of 2007. Pop journalist and International Pop Overthrow founder David Bash ranked the album No. 8 (out of 125) in his year-end 2007.
Another song from the album, Cruel Girl, was named the 2nd Best Song of 2007 by Popbang Radio.
A second album by The Red Button, entitled "As Far As Yesterday Goes," was released on June 21, 2011. It was voted No. 7 (out of 748 entries) in the 2011 year-end poll taken by readers of the online music group Audities.

The first single on "As Far As Yesterday Goes" -- Caught in the Middle—was named "The Coolest Song in the World" (for the week of July 11, 2011) on "Little Steven" Van Zandt's syndicated radio show The Underground Garage.
The song Picture from The Red Button's second album was nominated for Best Pop Song at the 2011 Hollywood Music and Media Awards in Los Angeles on November 17, 2011.
The Red Button was named to Music Connection Magazine’s 2011 Hot 100 Unsigned Artist list.(wiki)

Have fun
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