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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Progressive Psychedelic Pop: Clear Light - Clear Light 1967 2016 (Expanded Edition/Big Beat) Flac

Kind of a minor league version of the Doors, Clear Light were a West Coast phenomenon, and although they didn't last too long, were an interesting group. A very good slice of Los Angeles psychedelia, Clear Light were a six-piece band that combined folk, rock, psychedelia, and even a touch of classical to their sound. The end result, though, is a little ponderous and pretentious, but strangely listenable.
The big hit off this album (produced by Paul Rothchild and engineered by Bruce Botnick) was "Mr. Blue," a psychedelic folk song written by Tom Paxton. It's over six-minutes long and a bit overbaked, but it does have an odd appeal. The finer moments are guitarist Bob Seal's psychedelic folk-rock songs, namely "With All in Mind" and "They Who Have Nothing." Singer Cliff DeYoung went on to have a successful acting career, bass player Doug Lubahn played on the early Doors albums, Dallas Taylor went on to drum for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and John Sebastian, and keyboardist Ralph Schuckett became one of the more popular West Coast session players and arrangers. A lot of talent in a short-lived ensemble. Dated but charming West Coast psychedelia.

 This is a fine piece of progressive pop psychedelia
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The Shakes - The Shakes (2002) mp3

The Shakes - The Shakes (2002)

The Shakes is a garage power poppey band from L.A. as far i know. They have a real relaxed sound with good melodies and straight forward arranged songs. I only know this album by the band and i have no further information. Give it a try

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The Enfields - Friends Of The Family- The Songs Of Ted Munda (Get Hip Rec) Flac


 In 1966, this Wilmington, DE, group released one of the best garage rock singles, "She Already Has Somebody," a moody, melodic original on par with the best efforts by the Zombies. Led by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ted Munda, they were popular in their region and totally unknown elsewhere, releasing a few singles on a tiny local label. It may seem like a slim legacy, but the group's output stands considerably above the norm of the hundreds of other comparable American regional garage bands of the time, due primarily to Munda's fine melodic songwriting, heavily influenced not only by the Zombies but by the Beatles and Beau Brummels. In 1967, Munda formed Friends of the Family, who explored jazzier and more progressive directions, resulting in some interesting material.

 All seven songs from the Enfields' four extremely rare singles, as well as eleven demos recorded by Friends of the Family in 1967 and 1968. A well-above-average '60s obscurity.(

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The Olivers - Beekerstreet - The Complete Recordings '64 -'71 Flac

The Olivers from Fort Wayne, Indiana are best known for their highly sought after 1967 Picture Cover 45 on Phalanx Records titled "I Saw What You Did" b/w "Beeker Street". The single got picked up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is today rated as one of the best and most exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s. A planned second single and LP release for RCA never happened. Long standing rumours of a "Lost LP" however, were confirmed when a one-of-a-kind reference acetate of an unreleased GRT album by The Olivers was found recently.
The album, recorded after several line-up changes in early 1969 at Dove Studios in Minneapolis turned out to be a psychedelic jewel. Unjustifiably shelved 40 years ago, this amazing organ drenched fuzzfest proves that the band does not only deserve the plaudit "Indiana Sixties Rock Heroes", but also had the potential for the national breakthrough that never happened. (reader at discogs)

 The Olivers "Beeker Street" Released in 1966"Beeker Street" is an incredible blast of garage-psych madness from Fort Wayne's Olivers.(

 It's not easy to get a review of this compilation but to me is what '''' said about the band that's meets it the best. If you are not a fan of garage music of the sixties maybe this is not what you want :-). To all of the sixties garage fans
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The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats ('67 - '69) (Repertoire 1995) Flac

A better title for this 58-minute, 20-song CD might have been The Best of the Easybeats 1967-1969. Like virtually all of the compilations of this band's work (with the notable exception of Absolute Anthology), Repertoire Records' best-of ignores the group's 1965 and early-1966 Australian sides and their early hits in that country in favor of distilling down the group's work beginning with "Friday on My Mind." That might be the work that is best known to most listeners outside of Australia, but it also gives a skewed perspective of the group's work -- similar to if someone started a Beatles best-of with "Penny Lane." Neophytes might think from this that the Easybeats started out as a psychedelic rock outfit, when they actually made some punchy British Invasion-style music for a couple of years. In fairness, the sound here is excellent, and the choice of songs is good within the confines of the disc -- one just wishes that some of the more forced "good-time" music was supplemented with a few of those early rockers, perhaps in place of a couple of the later, serious songs. The annotation, surprisingly, is minimal, without even the inclusion of release dates or histories on the individual songs.(

The reason why i post this ''Best Of'' is first that i believe there are people who don't know the band and for the second i think this is a compilation of the creative high times of the band (imho :-) ) and here is no filler. All on the record is very good stuff. If you don't know the band grab it.
Have fun
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Farrah - Farrah (2009 Fabtone) mp3

Heavily influenced by the quintessential American power pop acts Fountains Of Wayne and Jellyfish, York, England’s 1998-formed Farrah originally comprised former video shoot runner Jez Ashurst (b. York, North Yorkshire, England; guitar/keyboards/vocals) his school friend Mike Walker (b. Michael Ian Walker, York, North Yorkshire, England; bass/vocals) and Tom Marsh (b. York, North Yorkshire, England; drums/percussion). Intelligent guitar-based English acts such as Squeeze and Supergrass also provided inspiration to this exuberant outfit for their unashamedly catchy, hook-filled material. Andrew Campbell (b. Uppsala, Uppsala Ian, Sweden; guitar/keyboards/vocals) joined a year later, in time for the release of their debut single, ‘Terry’. This caused a minor furore when confectioners Terry’s Of York objected to their chocolate being featured on the artwork.

When 80s pop sensation T’Pau re-formed in promotion of their Red album in 1998, Ashurst was part of their live set-up and would remain so for many years, alongside his frontman role in Farrah. Marsh was replaced in 2000 by Max Fidani prior to the recording of Farrah’s debut, Moustache, with T’Pau’s Ron Rogers. While the tapes impressed Warner Chappell enough to offer the band a worldwide publishing deal, they were also signed to Miles Copeland’s Ark 21 Records. Fidani’s tenure with the band was short-lived and he was soon replaced by Mike Hopkins (b. England) when the band relocated to London. A further line-up change came in the form of occasional Montana member Michelle Margherita (b. Cooma, New South Wales, Australia; bass/vocals) when new father Walker moved back to York in 2001.

While 2004’s Me Too displayed a harder rocking edge and 2007 brought the eclectic, slickly produced follow-up Cut Out & Keep, the band failed to break into the mainstream and Hopkins soon departed. Between these releases, Ashurst had carved out a career in composition, writing material for ex-Blue pin-up Duncan James and Japanese superstar Kaela Kimura among others.

Real good Power Pop band from the '00' years. If you like bands like Jellyfish and the other bands who noted in the review (no, not T'Pau) and you love very good melodic songs with fine arrangements you're right here. The chorus background harmonies remembers me to the Rosenbergs.
The band offers here a lot of pop gems of the highest order of this kind of power pop.
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