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Friday, 7 July 2017

PsychProgPop by Wallace Collection Laughing Cavalier 1969-1971 (1998 Magic Records) Flac & mp3@320

Wallace Collection was a group that was founded on the remains of the group Sylvester's Team. Three of the original member (namely Sylvain Vanholme, Freddy Nieuland and Marc Herouet) then went on to form the band 16th Century, together with bass-player Christian Janssens and the classical musicians Raymond Vincent and Jacques Namotte. These two were members in the Belgian National Philharmonic Orchestra, but had been flirting with popular music already in a band called Stradivarius.
Disbanded : 1971
Members: Sylvain Vanholme (guitar), Freddy Nieuland (drums, vocals), Marc Hérouet (organ, keyboards), Christian Janssens (bass), Raymond Vincent (violin), Jacques Namotte (cello) 

The band played here different directions and tried different things. You can hear psychedelic pop, progressive parts, interspersions (right word?) of classic instrumentations. It's an interesting album with a lot of nice popsongs here and that's what i like. Maybe you can call it Baroque pop sike.
The engineer here is Geoff Emerick who was on different Beatles records also the engineer.
Listen yourself and
have fun
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The Hollies - Singles Collection (2CD) (1997 EMI Holland) Awesome EMI Netherlands Collection with 47 tracks! Flac & mp3@320

Some of you may ask why a collection of Hollies singles but i was quite impressed at the time i saw this release for the first time. 47 songs here and all were released as single (naturally lol) and nearly all hit the charts. To me the booklet is very interesting. All singles are in a list where all positions are listed and how many weeks the song stayed in the charts. Listed are eight countries. Naturally the singles charts of the US and the UK and further six european countries with their charts. About the music i don't shed a word. First class british sixties/seventies pop.
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Peter Perrett is back again...and here are ''The Only Ones - Even Serpent Shine 1979 (2009 Sony)'' Flac & mp3@320

I don't know if you have listen to the latest album by Peter Perrett. It's called ''How The West was Won'' and it is an outstanding new effort  by the former singer and guitarist of The Only Ones, Peter Perrett. And i can tell you the album is really great. It would generated with the help of his son who played guitar amongst other things . It's an album i highly recommend. But now we come to the album whereat i actual want to say some words :-) . ''Event Serpent Shine'' by The Only Ones from year 1979. To me it is still a wonderful album with everything an album needs. I don't know much albums who sound as if they recorded yesterday. This is one of these. Full six stars of possible six stars!!!  Grab it!

Enjoy it,
cheers Frank      Flac p1  & Flac p2   -  mp3@320                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

British Pop Psychedelia by Turquoise - The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett: The Complete Recordings

A quick listen to Turquoise with no knowledge of their background will surely bring two names immediately to mind: the Kinks and the Who. So, it should be no surprise that Turquoise were not only influenced by their British peers but were close associates, friends of Ray and Dave Davies, produced by Dave for their first demos -- when the band was still known as "the Brood" -- and produced by Keith Moon and John Entwistle for their second round of pre-professional recordings. Turquoise released two singles for Decca in 1968 before disbanding and those two singles, like much British pop-psych, earned them a cult of some size, eventually leading to Rev-Ola's 2006 release of The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett: The Complete Recordings which collects both sides of those two singles -- "53 Summer Street"/"The Tales of Flossie Fillett" and "Woodstock"/"Saynia" -- along with all the other demos, unreleased cuts and alternate takes the group left behind.

More than any other band from the late '60s, Turquoise modeled themselves after mid-period Kinks, circa Something Else and Village Green Preservation Society to the extent that singer/songwriter Jeff Peters (who wrote almost all of the band's recorded work, usually in collaboration with Ewan Stephens) even penned his own tune called "Village Green." Like the Kinks, Turquoise were distinctly, defiantly British in subject matter and approach -- among their unreleased items is a knees-up stomp-along called "Sunday Best" reminiscent of the Small Faces (and oddly prescient of Blur's "Sunday Sunday") -- often sounding fey and campy yet managing to stay away from being overtly twee, and even if their melodies could sigh and swirl in psychedelic colors, they never were that trippy: they were grounded by acoustic guitars that jangled like Ray Davies' on Something Else and they had ragged harmonies and a pop sense reminiscent of the brothers Davies.

And when Turquoise broke free of the Kinks -- as on the absolutely terrific "Woodstock" which barrels forward on a moddish Motown beat and has a wicked Dylan impression on the chorus -- they're quite terrific, but when they were close to the Kinks, which they were for most of their career, they're merely good, even if not especially memorable. But for fans of British pop of the '60s that was obsessed with being British -- whether that means the Kinks, the Small Faces, mod-era Who or parts of the Move -- The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett provides just enough unheard gems to be worthwhile.

Highly recommend. Completely underrated by the public. Sometimes, if i listen to the band i think it must be harder back then to ignore this guys than to love them. Anyway, the band had a lot of first class songs in their genre and more deserved as recording only
two singles.
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Second Album! Inner Dialogue - Friend 1970 (2010 Big Pink Records) Flac & mp3@320

Good morning Folks, it's friday morning here the weekend stands in front of the door and it will a hot sunny day today. I think that are enough reasons to post some sunshine pop at first today. As i said yesterday here comes the second album by Inner Dialogue called ''Friends'' from year 1970. The songwriting and the arrangements here are again very good. In my opinion here are some top notch songs on the album and at least as strong as the debut. Hope you will enjoy.
Have fun

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