Friday, 7 July 2017

PsychProgPop by Wallace Collection Laughing Cavalier 1969-1971 (1998 Magic Records) Flac & mp3@320

Wallace Collection was a group that was founded on the remains of the group Sylvester's Team. Three of the original member (namely Sylvain Vanholme, Freddy Nieuland and Marc Herouet) then went on to form the band 16th Century, together with bass-player Christian Janssens and the classical musicians Raymond Vincent and Jacques Namotte. These two were members in the Belgian National Philharmonic Orchestra, but had been flirting with popular music already in a band called Stradivarius.
Disbanded : 1971
Members: Sylvain Vanholme (guitar), Freddy Nieuland (drums, vocals), Marc Hérouet (organ, keyboards), Christian Janssens (bass), Raymond Vincent (violin), Jacques Namotte (cello) 

The band played here different directions and tried different things. You can hear psychedelic pop, progressive parts, interspersions (right word?) of classic instrumentations. It's an interesting album with a lot of nice popsongs here and that's what i like. Maybe you can call it Baroque pop sike.
The engineer here is Geoff Emerick who was on different Beatles records also the engineer.
Listen yourself and
have fun
              Frank    Flac p1  &  Flac p2  -  mp3@320

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