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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

London Psychedelia from 1968: The Magic Mixture - This Is The Magic Mixture 1968 (2008 Sunbeam Records) Flac & mp3

The Magic Mixture were one of dozens of psychedelic bands making the rounds of London's rock clubs in 1968, though they were the only ones who recorded an album for Saga Records, a cut-rate classical label who were making a brief foray into pop music. The group's first and only album, This Is the Magic Mixture, is prized by collectors for its rarity, but as music it's fun and interesting without being especially remarkable.

The liner notes to Sunbeam Records' reissue of This Is the Magic Mixture reproduces a promotional flyer in which the band describes their music as "Cream-Hendrix Style," and while that formula isn't terribly far off, the comparisons don't quite flatter the Magic Mixture; lead guitarist Terry Thomas (later a member of Charlie) was a fine player, but he lacked Jimi's flash and vision, while the band couldn't muster the same sort of blues power that Cream generated on an off night. However, the group sounds admirably tight and well-focused, especially given the circumstances behind the recording of their sole album, which was essentially cut live in the studio in a single day.

 The songs are good if not great, especially the hard rock workout "You," the atmospheric "Moonbeams," and the trippy but propulsive "When I Was Young" (not the Animals hit, though not dissimilar). As castoffs of the British psychedelic era go, This Is the Magic Mixture is better than most and the album has its pearly moments, but those not already enamored of such things will probably find themselves immune to its charms.(

A really charming psychedelic Pop/Rock album and in my ears the band sometimes sound a little like an american band. However it's a fine effort.
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Finest U.S. Power Pop : Deadbeat Poets - Circus Town '10 (2010 Popdetective) mp3@320

Frank Secich (born June 14, 1951 in Sharon, PA) is an American rock musician, songwriter, author and record producer. He was the bass player and founding member of the group Blue Ash from 1969–79 and guitarist and bassist for the Stiv Bators band from 1979 until 1981. He played in the Cleveland-based group Club Wow with Jimmy Zero of the Dead Boys from 1982–85 and produced the Ohio band the Infidels from 1985-1990. He is currently the rhythm guitarist for the Deadbeat Poets who were formed in 2006 in Youngstown, Ohio.(wiki)

Frank Secich, legendary musician and songwriter of the also legendary Power Pop band Blue Ash here with his now band Deadbeat Poets presents the 2010 album Circus Town.
Enjoy it
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If you like what you hear you can buy the album here

THAT Classic Power Pop album of the 90's: Cotton Mather - Kon Tiki 1997 Flac & mp3

Cotton Mather's first album, 1994's Cotton Is King, was fine guitar pop with a decided Squeeze influence, but it doesn't prepare one at all for the sonic onslaught of its 1997 follow-up. Kontiki is one can't-get-it-out-of-your-skull pop song after another, interspersed with bursts of tape collage and random studio noise. "Vegetable Row," for example, sounds like a hard-candy circa-'66 Dylan outtake before it ends with a few seconds' splice of a completely different song, which is rudely chopped off in time for the organ-driven "Aurora Bori Alice."

Variety is the watchword on Kontiki. The wildly overdriven feedback-fest "Church of Wilson" leads straight into the gently swirling keyboards and acoustic guitars of "Lily Dreams On," which immediately makes way for the classic harmony-filled jangle pop "Password." The amazing thing is that, despite the wild mood and style shifts, the album doesn't sound fragmentary in the least; the pieces all fall into place. Brad Jones' production features studio chatter, audible edits, remarkably loud clicks, and yet the overall sound is enormous, filled with amazing sonic depth.

Lo-fi this ain't. Song titles like "Camp Hill Rail Operator" or "Animal Show Drinking Song" might recall Guided By Voices, and the audio-verite "Prophecy for the Golden Age" wouldn't have sounded out of place on Pavement's Westing (By Musket and Sextant), but neither band could possibly come up with a song like the instant classic "My Before and After," three minutes worth of non-stop hooks grounded with a percussive low-register piano part that makes it sound like a lost outtake from Revolver. In an album's worth of non-stop pop delights, "My Before and After" is a clear masterpiece(

5 Mushroom heads out of 4 possible Mushroom heads :-)

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Various Artists - Early Girls - Volume 5 (2008 Ace Records) Flac & mp3@320

Hello Folks, here comes Vol. 5 of the ace series and it's for the present the last one ( i don't know if ace project a Vol. 6 for the future). Everything have an end and i hope you will have a lot of fun with the girls here on the five discs. I plan to post a new series of women in pop, rock, jazz whatever in the next days.

Okay guys and girls here comes Vol.5.
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