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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The First Ever With Dolby NR Recorded Album Is A Great Psychedelic Pop Work Of 1967!

Psychedelic pop band the Nova Local formed on the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina in 1965, comprising singer Randy Winburn, guitarists Joe Mendyk (formerly of the Warlocks) and Phil Lambeth, bassist Jim Opton, keyboardist Cam Schinhan, and drummer Bill Levasseur. The group honed its sound on the Chapel Hill fraternity circuit, and when Opton's Phi Mu Alpha house booked Chad & Jeremy for its annual charity concert, he suggested the Nova Local open the show. William Morris Agency representative Rob Heller accompanied Chad & Jeremy to the gig, and was so impressed by the Nova Local that he offered them a contract on the spot -- Heller soon negotiated a deal with Decca, and minus Lambeth (who resigned his duties to attend law school), the band traveled to New York City to record their lone LP, 1967's Nova I.
According to an interview Opton gave to U-Spaces, the album was the first ever recorded via the Dolby NR System -- two singles were released ("Games" and "Other Girls"), and the record was also issued in the U.K., but in April 1967 the Nova Local dissolved. When Levasseur's son Jason's band covered the Nova Local track "If You Only Had the Time" with his band, Life in General, on their 2000 album The Lovely, Lovely Singing, Bill played drums on the recording(

Nova 1 is a very strong piece of psychedelic garage pop. It's not the kind of album which plays one nice clean pop song after another. Here you have to listen and suddenly out of all the things that happen on the record you find one pop gem after the next and the next . Here are some great pop candies gathered. But Attention: This are not the Spoonful or the Monkees (and god knows i love these bands)...this are the Nova Local.

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American Power Pop : Ed James - Meet Ed James (2000) Flac & mp3

Ed James...just a guy on a mission to write the perfect song. The son of classical and jazz musicians, Ed was exposed to various genres of music throughout his childhood, but it was rock that would ultimately attract him. Drums became his instrument of choice at a very early age. Ed says, "I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't play drums."

Soon, Ed became interested in composing his own rock and pop music, and began learning how to play the various instruments (guitar, keyboards, vocals, etc.) required to record his songs without the help of outside musicians. At the same time, Ed was studying the songwriting of the Beatles, as well as more contemporary pop & rock artists. Although he enjoyed performing in numerous cover bands throughout his high school and college years, Ed discovered that there was "something magical about writing and recording original songs - creating something from nothing."

After earning a degree in music, Ed relocated to North Carolina, where he began his musical career in earnest. Since arriving to the Charlotte area, Ed has appeared on numerous compilation and tribute CDs, including The Bam Balam Explosion IV USA Power Pop Compilation (Bam Balam Records), Pop Under The Surface (Yesterday Girl Records), Browser Barbarians (DMR Diversions), Unsound Series Volume 1: Pop! (To M'Lou Music), Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis (Optional Art), Around The Universe In 80 Minutes - A Tribute To Klaatu (Bullseye Records), A Tribute To The Left Banke (Brobdingnagian Records), and Men In Plaid - A Tribute To The Bay City Rollers (Bullseye Records).

And now, Jam Records and Ed James Music have just released Meet Ed James...the very first solo CD by Ed James, featuring 13 power pop tunes, and displaying Ed's wide variety of musical influences and talents. Written, performed, and produced by Ed alone, but never sounding that way, Meet Ed James is a solo album in its truest sense.(cdbaby)


Ed's "Party At Joes" is is one of those great songs that used to make cruising in the car with the AM radio blaring a fun thing to do in the '70s. Probably the best song about partying since Brownsville Station sang "Kings Of The Party" many moons ago. Ed can also produce a great pop song. He shows his serious side with "Turn It Around," which has a chorus that would have made Queen (circa "Killer Queen") proud. Now folks, Ed recorded this pop masterpiece in his bedroom --- and he not only handled the vocals, but played all the instruments himself!(power pop music news)
This guy is a very talented pop wizard and this is really Power Pop of the highest order, lol. 
Enjoy and you need both Flac links :-).

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Irish Power Pop by Pugwash: Pugwash - Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) 2015

At request by some people who want to see more of Pugwash stuff here i post today their 2015 album Play This Intimately As If Among Friends. To me personally it's one of her best...but...seriously i never heard a bad album by this guys :-) 4 1/2 Sterne von möglichen 5 für die Sternchenjäger aus Irland.

Next time someone tells you they don't make pop records like they used to, prove them wrong and point them in the direction of Irish pop celebrants Pugwash. Thomas Walsh and his bandmates have mastered the fine art of approximating classic pop and gentle psychedelia of the '60s and early '70s, and Walsh writes songs good enough to pass for covers of classic British acts of the era in dim light, mirroring their melodic splendor rather than reworking familiar cliches.
The group's sixth studio album, Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends), is not as rich in guest appearances from pop universe luminaries as some of Pugwash's previous album (of course, having Andy Partridge and Ray Davies pop by to do backing vocals is nothing to sneeze at), but in the truest sense this demonstrates just how talented this band is. By their lonesome, Walsh (on vocals, guitars, and various keyboards), Tosh Flood (guitars and keys), Shaun McGee (bass), and Joe Fitzgerald (drums and percussion) are capable of re-creating a number of musical worlds, from the clean but swaggering rock of "Kicking and Screaming" and the languid psychedelia of "We Are Everywhere" to the faux-exotica of "Clouds" and the country-folk charm of "Oh Happy Days," and while nearly everything here harkens back to another time and place, Pugwash make it sound fresh, immediate, and directly from the heart.
(And the production from Walsh and Flood is ideal and unobtrusive.) Some bands trade in second-hand nostalgia, but Pugwash have used myriad reference points from the '60s and '70s to create pop music that's beautifully crafted, fresh and thoughtful, and best of all, lots of fun. Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) could use a few more uptempo rockers, but considering how good these 12 songs are, there's little real room to complain, and Pugwash prove that yes, some folks really are making 'em like they used to, and with the same skill and honest love of a good melody.(

Have fun and a nice weekend
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SB's Power Pop Collection Vol.5 (20 Songs) mp3 & Flac

Hello Folks, here is the Power Pop Collection Vol.5. I know i'm a little late this month but for that it is now also in Flac format for the first time. Okidoki here is the songlist:

1 Welcome to the show - Ed James
2 Never grow up - Crusaders Of Love
3 Rain Clouds - Dot Dash
4 Show ‘Em Good - Cocktail Slippers
5 Little Red Light -  Fountains Of Wayne
6 We Never Should Have Moved To L.A. - Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors
7 Star cross'd - Earwig
8 These Are The People Who Live In My House - Eureka Machines
9 Watching The Sun Come Up - Ed Harcourt
10 Come Out And Play - The Paley Brothers
11 Mr Blue Sky - ELO
12  Not The Same - Diamond Hands
13 Show Me Your Love - The Chevelles
14 Working Girls (Sunlight Shines) - The Pernice Prothers
15 Diamanda - The Pearlfishers
16 Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie & The Hot Rods
17 Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves
18 Let's Be Friends Again - The Cheeks
19 The Infinite - Dot Dash
20 Adrenaline Shot - Fred Abbott
21 My Last Heartbeat - Rick Springfield

This is the amended (and right) tracklist done by Anonymous. Thanks for your effort.

Hope you will enjoy
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