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American Power Pop : Ed James - Meet Ed James (2000) Flac & mp3

Ed James...just a guy on a mission to write the perfect song. The son of classical and jazz musicians, Ed was exposed to various genres of music throughout his childhood, but it was rock that would ultimately attract him. Drums became his instrument of choice at a very early age. Ed says, "I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't play drums."

Soon, Ed became interested in composing his own rock and pop music, and began learning how to play the various instruments (guitar, keyboards, vocals, etc.) required to record his songs without the help of outside musicians. At the same time, Ed was studying the songwriting of the Beatles, as well as more contemporary pop & rock artists. Although he enjoyed performing in numerous cover bands throughout his high school and college years, Ed discovered that there was "something magical about writing and recording original songs - creating something from nothing."

After earning a degree in music, Ed relocated to North Carolina, where he began his musical career in earnest. Since arriving to the Charlotte area, Ed has appeared on numerous compilation and tribute CDs, including The Bam Balam Explosion IV USA Power Pop Compilation (Bam Balam Records), Pop Under The Surface (Yesterday Girl Records), Browser Barbarians (DMR Diversions), Unsound Series Volume 1: Pop! (To M'Lou Music), Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis (Optional Art), Around The Universe In 80 Minutes - A Tribute To Klaatu (Bullseye Records), A Tribute To The Left Banke (Brobdingnagian Records), and Men In Plaid - A Tribute To The Bay City Rollers (Bullseye Records).

And now, Jam Records and Ed James Music have just released Meet Ed James...the very first solo CD by Ed James, featuring 13 power pop tunes, and displaying Ed's wide variety of musical influences and talents. Written, performed, and produced by Ed alone, but never sounding that way, Meet Ed James is a solo album in its truest sense.(cdbaby)


Ed's "Party At Joes" is is one of those great songs that used to make cruising in the car with the AM radio blaring a fun thing to do in the '70s. Probably the best song about partying since Brownsville Station sang "Kings Of The Party" many moons ago. Ed can also produce a great pop song. He shows his serious side with "Turn It Around," which has a chorus that would have made Queen (circa "Killer Queen") proud. Now folks, Ed recorded this pop masterpiece in his bedroom --- and he not only handled the vocals, but played all the instruments himself!(power pop music news)
This guy is a very talented pop wizard and this is really Power Pop of the highest order, lol. 
Enjoy and you need both Flac links :-).

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