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Friday, 17 March 2017

Colours - Love Heals The Complete Recordings (1968- 1969) 2008 Flac & mp3

Among the many unmemorable late '60s psychedelic bands that put out a record or two, Colours do stand out from the pack a bit for a couple of reasons. One is that they were among the relatively few American bands to adopt a very British orchestrated pop-psychedelic style, which must have been honed by incessant listening to every track the Beatles did in 1967. The other is that their bassist was Carl Radle, who soon went on to play in Delaney & Bonnie and, shortly afterward, Derek & the Dominoes, as well as with J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton the solo artist. Colours drummer Chuck Blackwell also achieved some renown in the early '70s by playing with Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Taj Mahal, Freddie King, and other artists.
However, the prime architects of Colours' sound were songwriters Jack Dalton and Gary Montgomery. They wrote all of the material on Colours' 1968 self-titled debut album on Dot, a competent if unexciting derivation of the sort of florid, bouncy, multi-textured songs the Beatles did on their 1967 LPs and singles. The problems? The songs weren't one-tenth as memorable, and the arrangements not nearly as clever or intricate, even if there was obvious attention paid to detail, with full harmonies and varying overlays of horns, strings, and even a sitar. Colours did make one further album, 1969's Atmosphere, on which no musicians other than Dalton and Montgomery are credited.

I post this in both, Flac and mp3@320.

A very strong piece of psychedelic pop here. All is very heavy influenced by the Fab Four but very tasteful. Maybe the songs are not as memorable as that what the Beatles had done but if you listen to it it's a lot of fun.And that's no contradiction. If you don't know the band and you like british pop psychedelia you should grab this.
Viel Spass wünscht
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Andrew Gold - Whirlwind (1980) 2005 Collector's Choice - Flac

Best remembered for his mid-'70s smashes "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You for Being a Friend," pop singer/songwriter Andrew Gold was born in Burbank, California on August 2, 1951. The son of composer Ernest Gold (who won an Academy Award for his score to the film Exodus) and vocalist Marni Nixon (the singing voice of Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady), he first attracted attention as a member of the Los Angeles band Bryndle alongside Kenny Edwards, Wendy Waldman, and Karla Bonoff; in 1973, both Gold and Edwards joined Linda Ronstadt, appearing on classic albums including 1974's Heart Like a Wheel and 1975's Prisoner in Disguise. A noted arranger as well as a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Gold swiftly emerged as one of the most sought-after session musicians on the West Coast scene, and his résumé -- including dates with James Taylor, Carly Simon, Loudon Wainwright III, and J.D. Souther -- reads like a who's-who of the singer/songwriter movement.

In 1975, Gold released his self-titled solo debut; its follow-up, What's Wrong with This Picture?, was his commercial breakthrough, notching an international hit with "Lonely Boy." "Never Let Her Slip Away, " from 1978's All This and Heaven Too, also reached the British Top Five, but the album's most enduring moment remains "Thank You for Being a Friend, " the blockbuster ballad later remade as the theme song for the hit sitcom The Golden Girls.
However, 1980's Whirlwind stiffed, and Gold was cut loose from his contract with Asylum. After spending the early part of the decade touring with Ronstadt, he teamed with 10cc alumnus Graham Gouldman to form Common Knowledge, recording a self-titled LP in 1984. Gold and Goldman then rechristened their duo project Wax UK, notching a minor hit in 1986 with "Right Between the Eyes." "Bridge to Your Heart" was a British smash in 1987, but after 1989's A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes, Wax UK disbanded.
Returning to his solo career in 1991, Gold issued his first effort in over a decade, Home Is Where the Heart Is, before immersing himself in production work for artists ranging from Nicolette Larsen to Stephen Bishop to Eikichi Yazawa. In 1995, he reunited with Bonoff, Edwards, and Waldman in a new incarnation of Bryndle, releasing an eponymous LP before Gold's move to Connecticut forced him to leave the group soon after.
1996 saw the release of a new solo effort, ...Since 1951, as well as Halloween Howls, a record for children. Leftovers, a collection of unreleased material, followed in 1998. After producing country singer Lisa Angelle's self-titled debut in 2000, Gold released his own collection of country songs, The Spence Manor Suite. 2003's Wax Bikini collected rare material from Gold's days in Wax, and in 2005, Collectors' Choice Music reissued his first four solo albums with bonus tracks. The 2008 album Copy Cat was a new recording but heavy on covers (especially Lennon/McCartney). Copy Cat would be the last solo album released during his lifetime. After battling cancer. Andrew Gold died in his sleep at his home in Encino, California on June 3, 2011. He was 59 years old.

Andrew Gold was a very gifted musician and he's also one of my favourite songwriters. I post this album because it got no good reviews after it's release. I really don't no why. Sure he had stronger albums but nevertheless this is a good pop album with some strong songs (i.e. Stranded on the edge, Gambler - a fine Blues Rock rocker).
I hope you will like it too
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New Wave Power Pop from Australia 1980 - The Radiators

The Radiators - Feel The Heat (1980) Flac

The radiators debuted late 1978. Their first album "Feel the Heat" was released late 1979 and by march 1980 these aussie rock icons had achieved platinum status. Little did they then know they would go on to forge a unique sound and influence thousands of music lovers throughout Australia.

 This was one of my favourite albums during the early 80's and is still a blast to listen to today. This album forged the way for the Rads to be part of Australian muscic folk law. A fun party band with the powerful vocals of Brian Nichol and the musical influence of Geoff Turner and Fess Parker makes this one of there best. If you had to have one Rads album this would be one to have.(amazon customer)

I was to lazy for searching an review over the web. To me it is a nice new wave power pop album and the best of the band in my opinion. I listened yesterday evening after a very long time once again and thought i will post it here today. Hope you enjoy
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The American Dream - The American Dream (1970) 2011 Kismet (Flac)

Todd Rundgren produced this lost Philadelphia band’s only album back in 1970 off the Ampex record label. The American Dream’s album blends power pop, lite psychedelia, blazing hard rockers, folk-rock and roots music effectively throughout its 12 songs (almost 50 minutes of good music!).
Key influences are not a surprise, as listeners may hear strands of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, the Nazz, and the Beatles. The playing is full of youthful energy and the band manages to balance out hard rockers with attractive folk-rock power ballads. Raspberries has a slight psychedelic hangover, as it begins with a phased drum intro and showcases some wigged out guitar playing. Other quality songs like the Other Side, Storm (full of great Beatles-like melodies), I Ain’t Searchin’ and I Am You are predominately acoustic, tastefully arranged and have some great hook laden CSNY harmonies.
Good News, a song that begins with a telephone conversation, eventually segues into some pretty country-rock harmonies. It’s a typical relationship hard rocker in which the band humorously shouts out “don’t be a jerkoff” at the end of the chorus. The third track of the original lp is the real highlight of this very solid collection. Big Brother has classic late 60’s psych lyrics (“listen to the words he is saying, conjuring the games he is playing”) and intense early Who power chords (it really sounds like an excellent Nazz outtake) that make it a real killer and a treat for fans of British rock.
The American Dream stood out from the local crowd with their strong, exciting songwriting and 3 guitar lineup. From this point, my knowledge of the American Dream ends. Can anyone provide further info on this great lost American band? Were there prior or post American Dream bands and did they release any singles or albums? (Jason of '''')

I haven't known that Rundgren produced the album. Anyhow, fine blend of psychedelic pop, rock and other popular musical influences of the time back then.
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I used another Front cover because can't find the original Kismet scan on my machine.