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Sunday, 14 May 2017

ModPopGarage by The E-Types! ‎– Teen Trash Vol. 8 (Primitive Rock'n'Roll Performed By Today's Teens)

HEY YOU PRIMITIVES -- UNITE !!!! - may I introduce myself ?

My name is:


I'm a series within the MUSIC MANIAC catalogue. a series full of independent newcomer-bands from all over the world with one foot in the 60's and the other in the year 2000. we are easy to recognize: our numbering starts with 88001 etc, and our cover artwork has been drawn by RUDI 'ACTION' PROTRUDI of the 'fabulous' FUZZTONES; the first eleven releases show you a typical drive-in movie theater in the usa out of the best days of rock 'n' roll, the second TEEN TRASH cover will scare you with a monstereous cover out of the best days of 50's B-movies. A tribute to a cult that refuses to die. my aim is to support all those local new acts, so they are able to present some vinyl or CD's to a much wider audience, than just the area where they come from. please find below a listing of all available TEEN TRASH products so far, hopefully to be continued..........

This is Vol. 8 with the real fantastic The E-Types from San Francisco. The guys make a fine mix of Mod/Pop/Garage/Power Pop. They really have a sixties sound that remembers me to the 2000s,  lol. Give it a try. Jangly guitars  and catchy melodies.

For more information of the whole series go here.

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Ed James - In The 21st Century - Jam Records 2006 - Flac & mp3

Ed James...just a guy on a mission to write the perfect song. He loves a hook...and believes that great melodies and harmonies make the world go 'round.

Mr. James began his music career at the age of 2, beating the crap out of pots and pans on the kitchen floor. He became the drummer of his first rock band when he was in the 5th grade. Fast forward to the present...and somewhere along the way, Ed earned degree in music, released several solo records, and has been featured on more than 2 dozen compilation and tribute CDs. Also, you may have recently heard Ed's songs on NBC, VH1, and MTV. "Ed the 21st Century" is his brand-new solo record.
Ed's songwriting style is heavily inspired by his heroes, The PSWS - Perfect Song Writers Society: the Beatles, Jellyfish, Fountains Of Wayne, Jason Falkner, and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

Also a dynamic live performer, Ed has thrilled audiences at International Pop Overthrow music festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, as well as Sparklefest, a NC-based rock music event.(CD Baby)

Ed James make great pop music but it seems that a big part of the audience don't understand it. I have no clue but to me he's a great power pop artist. If you like power pop you should give it a try.

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British sixties pop; Tony Hazzard - Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard 1969 (Rev-Ola 2007) Flac & mp3

The name Tony Hazzard may not ring a bell, but the English singer/songwriter has written hits for everyone from the Hollies, Manfred Mann, and Herman's Hermits to Gene Pitney and Andy Williams. Born and raised in Liverpool, Hazzard picked up the guitar and ukulele at a young age. A formidable student, he managed to miss out on the Merseybeat skiffle scene that engulfed the region in the early '60s, focusing instead on his education at Durham University.

Music soon got the best of him, though, and through a mutual friend he was introduced to BBC story editor Tony Garnett. Garnett persuaded Hazzard to move to London to pursue his songwriting ambitions, advice that was heeded by the young musician. He signed with music publisher/Manfred Mann manager Gerry Bron, who put him on a retainer. Hits followed for numerous groups, and Hazzard began work on a record of his own.
While Tony Hazzard Sings was released in 1969 to little or no fanfare, his sophomore effort (Loudwater House) helped establish the artist as a potential soft rock superstar. Many of the musicians who played on the record (Chris Spedding, Mike Batt, and B.J. Cole) were touring with Elton John at the time, and Hazzard soon found himself providing backing vocals on John's Tumbleweed Connection and Honky Chateau. His third and final album, the country-tinged Was That Alright Then, arrived in 1973, but failed to generate much public support.

In 2005, both Loudwater House and Was That Alright Then, along with some rarities and unissued outtakes, were remastered and compiled on the two-disc Go North: The Bronze Anthology. Hazzard continues to write music at his home in Cornwall, and plans to release a new record in the very near future.

A very gifted songwriter who wrotes so much charting songs and some that topped the charts. He supplied the half of the british popstars with potentially hits material then in the sixties. This album shows what a good recording artist Tony Hazzard himself was. Hope you will enjoy this guy, too.

Enjoy it
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The Tuneful Trolley - Island in the Sky 1968 ( 2008 Now Sounds) mp3@320 & Flac

The Tuneful Trolley were six high school kids from Suffolk County, Long Island who went from playing dances and restaurant gigs to a brush with the big time when they were discovered by Sandy Yaguda of Jay & the Americans. Yaguda took the band under his wing, gave them their name (they had been "The Mark of Quality" when Yaguda first heard them), got them a deal with Capitol Records, and produced their first and only album, 1969's Island in the Sky.
After the record sank in the marketplace, the Tuneful Trolley split up, and most of the members did little or nothing in music afterward, which is surprising when you hear the album -- Island in the Sky is hardly a masterpiece, but given the group's age and inexperience, it's impressive stuff, full of engaging pop tunes (most written by the group), solid vocal harmonies, and tasteful arrangements well-executed by the band. Most of the material on Island in the Sky falls into the category of East Coast sunshine pop, which means the outlook is a bit cloudier and more attitudinal than similar West Coast product, and tunes like "Uncle Joe's Armada" and "M.A.C.K. (Mother's Authoritative Collection of Knowledge)" suggest the musical and lyrical influence of Sgt. Pepper's without the same level of skill or grand vision.
But "Lovely Day" and "Georgianna Peach Pie" are great pop tunes that benefit from the muscular drumming of Jack Riolo, there's a folk rock undertow to "Apple Pie" that's clever and effective, and "The Tuneful Trolley Theme" is a better-than-expected bit of self-promotion. Island in the Sky sounds like the promising debut album from a group likely to do something even better once they had some more experience under their belts, and it's too bad the Tuneful Trolley's sophomore effort never happened, but for fans of '60s pop, there are a few hidden gems to be found on this disc.
(In 2008, Cherry Red's Now Sounds division reissued Island in the Sky with mono mixes of four tunes that appeared on singles added as a bonus; the CD collects everything the band released, and it's the definitive document of their short career.) (

Wonderful sunshine pop album here. I love it really much. Here comes the bad news: I can't find my Flac copy so i only can offer it in mp3@320cbr. But like my mother said: ''Better a sparrow in your hand than a dove...''
I highly recommend this album for sunshine/popsike lovers. And by the way...if some kind soul have a Flac or any other lossless copy please contact me. It would be much appreciated!

Enjoy it
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Popincourt - A New Dimension to Modern Love 2016 - Flac & mp3

A New Dimension to Modern Love is the full-length debut of Popincourt, the performance nickname of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Olivier Popincourt. Counting Paul Weller among his primary influences, Popincourt is a Frenchman with an English musical persona partial to '80s-veneered sophisti-pop that straddles Prefab Sprout and Weller's Style Council. Far from a D.I.Y. effort, the album features a roster of guest musicians, with Popincourt covering an array of keyboard instruments, guitars, and percussion.
It was produced by film composer Sébastien Souchois and mixed by Souchois and Ken Stringfellow of the Posies, both of whom also contributed performances. Sultry brass, syncopated rhythm guitar, expanded guitar chords, and airy vocal harmonies by Gabriela Giacoman of French Boutik grace the title track, which evokes both of the aforementioned jazz-hued English bands. "Off Track" delves into the more wistful end of that spectrum until invigorated by a trumpet, drums, and rhythm guitar break that fades out to end the song. Complementing more than contrasting, the bouncy jangle and stylized chord progressions of "I Found Out" recalls Roddy Frame's Aztec Camera as well as Frame disciple Johnny Marr.

The variety here includes the campy, '60s sunshine pop entry "Happy Town" and two instrumental interludes consisting of a brief, rhythm section-enhanced trumpet solo and a reprise that swaps out trumpet for synths. As indicated by the title, lyrics reflect on love, relationships, and their inherent complications, altogether making for a nostalgic but above all affectionate debut(

Very good pop album with different influences. As i listened the first time i was pleased that it wasn't an album for cocktail partys or well practical for use as 'Muzak' in  supermarkets because i must confess that was my thoughts before i had heard the album and only had read some reviews. It's full of  real good songs. Top notch musicians here and in my opinion a refreshing and brave album for the pop market. If you don't know give it a try.

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Volume One 1965-67 (Sundazed 1997) Flac & mp3

Raw, sometimes sloppy material by this enigmatic, psychedelic cult band appeared on an extremely rare debut album in 1966 (their first LP for Reprise, Part One, is usually considered their first recording). The West Coast Pop Art were always a strange act, and this collection does nothing to tarnish that perception. It's not so much the weirdness of the sound -- they could be plenty weird per se on Zappaesque freak-outs like "Insanity" (co-penned by Kim Fowley), but only occasionally.

It's more the sheer unpredictable range of the material. One minute they're attacking "Louie, Louie" and the classic jazz instrumental "Work Song" with all the finesse of teenagers in their bedroom; the next they're doing pretty psych-pop tunes with a bizarre edge, like "I Won't Hurt You"; then there are the Dylan covers, which are approached as if they are Yardbirds' tunes, with splashes of feedback and hard rock/R&B arrangements. And then there's an original baroque pop number worthy of the Left Banke or late-period Zombies ("She Surely Must Know"), a sharp, witty, country-tinged rocker ("Sassafras"), and covers of the Left Banke's "She May Call You Up Tonight," and the mawkish "Funny How Love Can Be."

No stylistic consistency whatsoever, in other words, but plenty of wacky energy, and occasional actual inspiration. Which makes this hard to recommend to anyone other than psychedelic junkies. But if you fit under that umbrella, it's not bad at all, though wildly erratic.(

Psychedelic pop cult band from the sixties .
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