Sunday, 14 May 2017

ModPopGarage by The E-Types! ‎– Teen Trash Vol. 8 (Primitive Rock'n'Roll Performed By Today's Teens)

HEY YOU PRIMITIVES -- UNITE !!!! - may I introduce myself ?

My name is:


I'm a series within the MUSIC MANIAC catalogue. a series full of independent newcomer-bands from all over the world with one foot in the 60's and the other in the year 2000. we are easy to recognize: our numbering starts with 88001 etc, and our cover artwork has been drawn by RUDI 'ACTION' PROTRUDI of the 'fabulous' FUZZTONES; the first eleven releases show you a typical drive-in movie theater in the usa out of the best days of rock 'n' roll, the second TEEN TRASH cover will scare you with a monstereous cover out of the best days of 50's B-movies. A tribute to a cult that refuses to die. my aim is to support all those local new acts, so they are able to present some vinyl or CD's to a much wider audience, than just the area where they come from. please find below a listing of all available TEEN TRASH products so far, hopefully to be continued..........

This is Vol. 8 with the real fantastic The E-Types from San Francisco. The guys make a fine mix of Mod/Pop/Garage/Power Pop. They really have a sixties sound that remembers me to the 2000s,  lol. Give it a try. Jangly guitars  and catchy melodies.

For more information of the whole series go here.

Enjoy  Frank      Flac part1  &  Flac part2




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  1. I probably haven't played this album in 15 years but I remember it being really great. Thank you for bringing it back to life.