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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Canadian Power Pop: Moe Berg - Summer's Over (1997) mp3

If you don't know the name Moe Berg you will know for sure the band The Pursuit Of Happiness. Moe Berg was the singer, guitarist and songwriter of TPOH. This album by Moe Berg from 1997 is a very interesting sounding album and i like it very much. If you don't know you should give it a try.

Have fun
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T.Rex - The Slider (Repertoire 2000) 1972

Buoyed by two U.K. number one singles in "Telegram Sam" and "Metal Guru," The Slider became T. Rex's most popular record on both sides of the Atlantic, despite the fact that it produced no hits in the U.S. The Slider essentially replicates all the virtues of Electric Warrior, crammed with effortless hooks and trashy fun. All of Bolan's signatures are here -- mystical folk-tinged ballads, overt sexual come-ons crooned over sleazy, bopping boogies, loopy nonsense poetry, and a mastery of the three-minute pop song form. The main difference is that the trippy mix of Electric Warrior is replaced by a fuller, more immediate-sounding production. Bolan's guitar has a harder bite, the backing choruses are more up-front, and the arrangements are thicker-sounding, even introducing a string section on some cuts (both ballads and rockers).
Even with the beefier production, T. Rex still doesn't sound nearly as heavy as many of the bands it influenced (and even a few of its glam contemporaries), but that's partly intentional -- Bolan's love of a good groove takes precedence over fast tempos or high-volume crunch. Lyrically, Bolan's flair for the sublimely ridiculous is fully intact, but he has way too much style for The Slider to sound truly stupid, especially given the playful, knowing wink in his delivery. It's nearly impossible not to get caught up in the irresistible rush of melodies and cheery good times.
Even if it treads largely the same ground as Electric Warrior, The Slider is flawlessly executed, and every bit the classic that its predecessor is.(

I don't know why T.Rex only impressed the little girls at the beginning of the seventies in the US and can't hit the charts but maybe one british invasion was enough for the US back then. On the old continent Marc Bolan was a real superstar for nearly five years before his fame began to fade. Not really to fade but the times of punk had begun and another sound ruled the charts.
Since the first days of glam i was a big fan and be it still today. My first single ever was ''Ride a white swan''. However, hope you will like it
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Lannie Flowers - Same Old Story (2008) Flac

Wow! 36 tunes in 40 minutes!?!? Not even The Ramones live show can match this! Lannie Flowers is a Texan popster, honing his skills ever since the late ’70s, fronting his own band The Pengwins, and working with the likes of Jim Dickinson and Rick Derringer, and now he comes up with what might be considered for a contemporary, and utterly original overview of whatever been happening on the (power) pop scene throughout the last four and a half decades.
The tracks flow into each other, sometimes even without you being able to notice it happen, with only one of them lasting over 2 minutes (most of them barely exceeding 1!!!), with an overload of hooks, tackling everything from mid’60s beat (with the B-bands and Zombies being referred to the most), through early ‘70s melodic crunch (Raspberries, Big Star) or late ‘70s/early’80s new wave (Elvis Costello, Squeeze), to ‘90s Britpop.
Days before I first listened to this, I was having a short chat about The Pretty Things with Lannie, and even though “the concept” as such wasn’t mentioned by none of us, S.F.Sorrow seems to be an obvious influence on how this whole thing is conceived.(2009 preview

36 tunes in 40 minutes? That made me curious, but if Lannie Flowers released a new album i was always curious and couldn't await the release. But that was a thing i never heard in Lannie Flowers albums........The album is wonderful. Great power pop full of melodies sweet as candy. Often on the album you don't notice the changes to the next song. It all is one big piece of music. Of sweet sweet music. If you like power pop you will love this album. Guaranteed.
Enjoy it,
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