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Friday, 10 March 2017

Every Mother's Son - Come On Down The Complete MGM Recordings (2012) Flac

The typically nonsensical 1960s liner notes to this self-titled debut do mention that Dennis Larden and Larry Larden of Every Mother's Son were folk singers and met keyboardist Bruce Milner in Greenwich Village. But their Wes Farrell produced album has them looking more like a Monkees outtake than serious folkies, and their Farrell/Goldstein composed leadoff track, "Come and Take a Ride in My Boat," would hit the Top Ten in May of 1967, re-titled "Come on Down to My Boat." The two brothers certainly can sing, and they take the melody almost as far as Jay & The Americans did in 1964 with Farrell's "Come a Little Bit Closer." The focus of the big single is missing on the album, though, especially on "Allison Dozer," which sounds like a bad marriage between the Kinks' Kink Kontroversy and More of the Monkees -- with "Your Aunty Grizelda" beating up on "Till the End of the Day."
The one co-write by keyboardist Milner and Dennis Larden -- "Ain't No Use" -- is a nice slice of flower power on an album that simply doesn't know what it wants to be. Spanky & Our Gang could have covered "Come on Queenie," as could Tony Orlando & Dawn, but the musical experiments fail to identify with the red white and blue "all American boy" lettering on the front. Drummer Christopher Augustine seen reading Playboy Magazine on the back cover is more of an indication of image in turmoil. Had they stayed true to their folk/rock roots, the disc might have been a pleasant shocker to people picking up on it for the bright, sunshine pop hit single which starts things off.
The first song on Side Two, "Ain't It a Drag," sounds like Michael Nesmith & Company by way of Greenwich Village, but it totally fails to register the way "Come on Down to My Boat" does. The hit has bounce with a great keyboard intro and guitar hook that promises -- and delivers. The exuberant "make you happy in my little red boat" vibe is found only in the song that gave them a name. True one-hit wonders on a curious album of mild interest for '60s pop fans.

Different influences from musical pop styles who played a prominent role in the sixties you can hear in the work of Every Mother's son. To me they were a fine pop band and more than just a one hit wonder band. If you like it grab it and have fun.
           Frank   New Link

Curt Boetcher - There's An Innocent Face 1972 (2002) Flac

A strange release from the much-loved producer and composer which sees him finding a place that mixes up varying degrees of soft rock, country-pop, and doo wop into a fine, if a bit uneven, listen. The best track on the album is "I Love You More Each Day," with its folk strumming and '70s melodic pop approach. Unsurprisingly, this song is one of the three tracks Boettcher is listed as actually having written on the album. To be sure, there is no shortage of the multi-layered harmonies Boettcher is renowned for. The strongest aspects of the record involve his distinctly sweet vocal approach and the thick harmonies. Other tracks, like "Such a Lady," focus on mid-tempo country-rock. Another track manages to briefly segue into Frankie Lymon's "Why Do Fools Fall in Love." Gary Usher is given an executive producer credit on the album and the musicianship is top-notch due to key studio players like Red Rhodes helping out. The adherence to country-rock and early-'70s AOR-type ballads might scare away some fans who know him mostly for his light psychedelia, but certainly for the diligent there are some fine songs to be found on this release.

To write the artist's name with only one ''T'' in Boetcher is no mistake, it is written on the cover in this way. This is really a very good Curt Boettcher album (i know i'm a big fan...) from 1972. It is not sixties pop psychedelia, but maybe this is one reason why you (and me) still better can see how good this guy really as a musician were. Great songs (three) by Boettcher and an great interpreter of an very american sounding album. Wufferton Frog is real funny.
A really good album but like i said(and the reviewer) this is no sixties Boettcher style.
Have fun
               Frank   Flac

NEW LINK! The Happenings - The Happenings('66) - Psycle('67) (2003 Rhino) Flac

Hello Friends, some people here asked for a new link for ''The Happenings - The Happenings ('66) & Psycle ('67) (2003Rhino) Flac''. I added a second link in the post here on the blog.

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