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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mike Viola And The Candy Butchers - Falling Into Place (1999) Flac & mp3

In the mid-'70s, British singer/songwriters like Graham Parker and Elvis Costello launched careers with music that tempered the onslaught of punk to a more melodic rock sound reminiscent of mid-'60s Beatles music and its many followers, and, while retaining punk's lyrical anguish, explored more complex emotions with more eloquent words. On his debut album, Mike Viola, whose voice most people heard for the first time singing "That Thing You Do!" in the movie of the same name, resurrects the sound of Parker & the Rumour's Howlin' Wind and Costello & the Attractions' This Year's Model, fronting the rhythm section known as the Candy Butchers, with occasional added keyboards by the Band's Garth Hudson. Viola's rough voice has much of Parker's urgency to it, and his songs, less substantial than those of Costello, are nevertheless concerned with many of the same elements of romantic disappointment and its attendant frustration. Indeed, he seems to be rewriting the same song over and over: "All day I'm thinking about you, " he sings in "Give Me Some Time," and "You are always on my mind" in "Can't We Do Anything Right," a title followed one song later by "Doing It the Wrong Way." One song is called "Falling into Place," another "Falling Back Down." Viola's music for these confused and ambivalent sentiments is raucously played by the Candy Butchers, and occasional horn and string charts add grace without robbing the tunes of bite. Mixer Bob Clearmountain has given the album an explosive sound in which every instrument seems simultaneously very loud and distinct. Chip-on-the-shoulder sensitivity is a good combination of feelings in the ever-adolescent world of rock & roll, and it works as well for Viola on this debut album as it has for others in the past. The next question is whether, like Elvis Costello, he'll evolve out of it or, like Graham Parker, keep repeating it.

Here is another Pop/Power Pop legend. This guy, as far i remember, never made an bad least for me :-).
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Matthew Sweet - Sunshine Lies 2008 Flac & mp3

For somebody who played a large role in reviving guitar-driven power pop in the '90s, Matthew Sweet spent a good chunk of the new millennium avoiding the six-string. Apart from 2003's Japanese love letter Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu, Sweet walked on the soft side in the years since 1997's Blue Sky on Mars, crafting psychedelic song cycles, Beach Boys tributes, and an album of sweet duets with Susanna Hoffs. Sunshine Lies returns the guitar to the center, pushing the playing of Greg Leisz, Ivan Julian, Richard Lloyd, and Sweet to the front and relying on arrangements that feel lean even when they're each graced with subtle flourishes of layered, overdubbed harmonies, Mellotrons, and backward tapes. Although the album's punch is a shade too pristine and precise, lacking the gangly ragged heart of Girlfriend, this is easily Sweet's liveliest record since the '90s, giving his sweet, sighing harmonies a candied warmth and his rockers some real bite.
That slight snarl is evident throughout Sunshine Lies, even on the mellow moments, as Sweet's writing is tight and purposeful throughout, with individual songs standing as tight, bright little gems; yet they all fit together to form a larger picture as if they were part of a tapestry -- or more accurately a spider web, as Sweet peppers this album with all manners of nature, from the "Sunshine Lies" to the "Sunrise Eyes." Sweet also flies with "Byrdgirl" here, and that song title is a good indication of how deeply steeped in the '60s this album is, as it deftly balances chiming guitars indebted to both Roger McGuinn and George Harrison with harmonies from the Hollies and hooks from London and Los Angeles. There may be plenty of allusions to classic guitar pop, but Sunshine Lies plays as more reverential than referential, as Sweet never succumbs to pastiche but rather revives the feeling of the '60s, from sun-bleached folk-rock to swirling, sighing psychedelia. Again, this isn't all too far removed from other new millennium Sweet albums like Living Things, but the crisp, unadorned production -- courtesy of Matthew himself, who recorded and mixed this in his home studio -- keeps the focus on his brilliant pop hooks, which shine brighter and cleaner here than they have in quite some time.

A really good album by Matthew Sweet with very good guitar work and a lot good songs. 
Have fun
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Psychedelic Rock - Matt Piucci - Hellenes (2000 Inbetweens Records) Flac & mp3

Matt Piucci was one of the guitarist/singers in the Rain Parade, the Los Angeles band that was identified with the underground psychedelic revival of the early 1980s and which also gave birth to Mazzy Star. He's also an occasional member of Neil Young's Crazy Horse. On HELLENES, all these sounds and more come together under Piucci's guidance.
"Spectacular Dive" has eerie, ghostly vocals, and a melody that recalls the more tuneful parts of Pink Floyd's WISH YOU WERE HERE crossed with some of Neil Young's smoldering, spacey guitar jams, but Piucci brings a lean sense of dynamics that give his songs punch and real staying power. There's a healthy variety of mood here, with unexpected wry humor. The acoustically-driven, haunting, forlorn "I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry" recalls Syd Barrett's solo ballads, while "Love is Mine" is a thundering Byrds/Tom Petty-style rocker, and the chugging, humorous "T. Rex" is a surreal yet affectionate tribute to both band and dinosaur. The guitars shimmer, jangle and smolder intensely throughout--Piucci plays with tense, steely purpose--and the production is lush and layered.

What can i say? Great album! Great musician! Enjoy it!

Have fun
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V.A. - Fairytales Can Come True Vol.1 (British Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop, Sunshine Pop) Flac

Here is the first and last of the compilation. The 1st volume and the last of the four discs.

Have fun
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The mp3 links follow in a few days!    mp3 Vol.1

V.A. - Fairytales Can Come True Vol.2 - Fairy Cakes For Tea (British Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop, Sunshine Pop) Flac

Good day all out there wherever you are. As promised here comes volume 2 of the 'Fairytales Can Come True' collection. Later volume 1 will follow and complete this very fine collection of british (and few european) psychedelic pop songs of the sixties. I hope some of you have or will enjoy.

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mp3 links added to ''Let's Go Down and Blow Our Minds - The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1967 (2016 Grapefruit Records/Cherry Red Records Ltd)''

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Let's Go Down and Blow Our Minds - The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1967 (2016 Grapefruit Records/Cherry Red Records Ltd).

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