Hello Folks, just for your information i will go to the sun this year from the 23rd of this month until around the 15th of october. I got the confirmation today. Hurray :-). hope we will meet here again after my holidays.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Machine is out of order! :-(

Hello Friends, i got bad news from my machine this morning. The computer get no power. I have tried different things but nothing works. I'm shure i know the reason why the computer get no power. Two days ago my sweetheart have let fall down a cup of coffee near at the place where the computer is standing. I believe some coffee came inside of the computer.Can't imagine no other reason. I'm in a bad mood at the moment.  I'm now on my lady's notebook. But that's no solution for longer time because she needs it for work and i hate this notebooks lol. However i will drive now to a friend who's a good expert in repair computers. If he cant help i must go to a service shop. I believe the next time there are no posts from here until the machine is fixed. I hope for your understanding and i will try to get the machine running as fast as possible.
           Frank :-(