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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Let's Go Down and Blow Our Minds - The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1967 (2016 Grapefruit Records/Cherry Red Records Ltd) Flac & mp3

As that noted hipster Plato once observed, when the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake. And there was certainly a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on in 1967. A distended Summer of Love saw psychedelic pop emerging from the underground clubs to infiltrate the home-grown music scene mainstream, with the vast majority following in the footsteps of perennial market leaders The Beatles in surrendering to the new genre.

• As the year progressed, it seemed that more or less every element of the British pop world had been swept up in the blissed-out UFOria. Beat boom survivors, R&B stalwarts, sharp-suited mods, Swinging London soul revues, earnest acoustic folkies, Denmark Street hustlers, traditional pop acts… all abandoned or refined their previous identities to make music that reflected the ubiquitous influence of psychedelia in its myriad paisley-patterned guises.

• Across four hours and eighty tracks, the all-singing, not-much-dancing Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds anticipates the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love to chronicle a tumultuous twelve-month period of music-making within the British Isles. The dizzying breadth of the set incorporates everything from key names such as The Move and Procol Harum, both represented with less obvious choices (surely nobody needs to hear ‘I Can Hear The Grass Grow’ or ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ yet again?!), to the likes of mondo obscuro West Country quintet T. J. Assembly, who pressed a mere 25 copies of their self-penned November 1967 album as a strictly personal memento of their time together.

• Along the way, we encounter all aspects of the scene, from the first generation psychedelic bands that took part in subterranean London ‘happenings’ to the shameless bandwagon-jumpers who were nevertheless an integral part of psychedelic pop’s rich and varied tapestry. We also feature a clutch of previously unreleased nuggets, alternative versions, pseudonymous releases, first-ever CD appearances, a couple of inspired novelty discs and even a football supporters freak-out.
• Housed in a clambox that includes a lavishly annotated and illustrated 44-page booklet, Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds is nothing less than the story of the British rock and pop scene of 1967: music made half-a-century ago that, as can be seen from the number of hitherto unknown recordings featured, is still slowly revealing its secrets. As some righteously obscure band confidently promised during that epochal year, a splendid time is guaranteed for all…

This is really a wonderful view on the psychedelic pop scene of Britain  in 1967 the climax of british psychedelia, sunshine pop. 80 tracks of known and not so well known artists are gathered here. I don't post it in mp3 because i think it is no problem to find this on the web quite easy. And it's no fun to create and load up 7 or eight files. I hope you mp3 lovers will understand it. Nevertheless i hope all of you who are interested will have fun with this nice box. Artwork is complete here.

Enjoy it
Frank            Flac 1 (Art & Disc 1)  & Flac 2 (Disc 2)   & Flac 3 (Disc 3)

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The Truth - A Step In The Right Direction Singles Demos BBC Live 1983-1984 (Cherry Red Records 2016) Three disc release (Flac & mp3)

This UK Mod/R&B outfit unconnected to the 60s group of the same name were built around lead vocalist and guitarist Dennis Greaves (ex-Nine Below Zero). The line-up was completed by his co-writer Mick Lister (guitar/vocals), Brian Bethell (bass), Chris Skornia (Hammond organ) and Gary Wallis (drums). Greaves had grown tired of his former band's restrictive format, though it must be said that the Truth's brand of 60s soul was more energetic than original. Strategically they opted against joining the Jam's Respond label, strong comparisons to the former were already taking place in the media.
Despite their obvious roots in mod fashion and music, the Truth would actually employ Spandau Ballet producers Tony Swain and Steve Jolley to craft a more modern pop sound. Their brief flirtation with chart success began with "Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)", and followed through "Step In The Right Direction", and "No Stone Unturned". These, their only chart hits, were all released on the Formation label, before they signed with IRS for one album. In 1987 they moved on to MCA, but returned to IRS the following year (as Dennis Greaves And The Truth). Under that monicker they recorded a version of Argent's "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You" produced by Andy Piercy (ex-After The Fire), but this too failed to chart.(

That the band worked with the Spandau Ballet producers -and the songs sometimes sound a little bit too clean produced- can but don't must alienate you because the band is very strong with their power to present the songs live and in the studio and also a real strong songwriting. This is very good pop music if you wanna go dance with your girl/boy and the songs have a strong party factor. To me the strongest parts of this three disc release are the live tracks.

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The Rationals - The Rationals 1970 (Ace Records Ltd/Big Beat Records 2011)

On their sole, belated long-playing effort, the group tempered their spunky blue-eyed soul with more laidback influences from late '60s psychedelia and progressive rock. It's not bad, just not typical of what they were most known for, and not in the same league as their prime stuff.(

Here is another effort by the Rationals released by Ace Records/Big Beat and i can second the review by allmusic. Nevertheless is here some interesting stuff from the band. To me the band sounds here in a more psych blues direction. One of my favourite songs of the album is 'Handbags and Gladrags'.
The release is really nice done by Ace/Big Beat with a very nice artwork. All in all 4 stars out of 6!

Enjoy it!
              Frank        Flac part 1  &  Flac part 2
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Sparks Debut 1971 Flac & mp3

Sparks - Sparks (1971)

Within the first track of their debut album -- the crisp, minimal pounder "Wonder Girl," featuring Russell Mael's falsetto already engaged in swooping acrobatics and Ron Mael's sparkling piano work to the fore, singing ever-so-slightly-weird lyrics about love that couldn't quite be taken at face value -- Sparks established themselves so perfectly that arguably the rest of the brothers' long career has been a continual refinement from that basic formula. Even more striking is realizing how astoundingly prescient it was; what must have sounded indescribably strange in 1972 now feels like the precursor to nearly all of new wave, a fair chunk of synth-pop, and just about any music with a brain.
As it stands, the original Sparks group, with brothers Jim and Earle Mankey on bass and guitar and Harvey Feinstein on drums accompanying the Maels, was as tight and accomplished as the classic Alice Cooper lineup, but given to their own brand of clever insanity (the fact that there's a loud-rocking original on here called "(No More) Mr. Nice Guys" makes you wonder if that other band wasn't listening in). Todd Rundgren's production is generally spare but very effective, with snippets of cymbal and keyboard leaping out from the speakers at odd moments. The twisted, '50s piano-rock loper "High C" practically invents Queen in both shuffling rock-out and heavy rockabilly camp phases; "Fletcher Honorama" slides and slinks along in a wickedly dreamy way; and "Slowboat" combines show tunes, cabaret, and rock to magnificent effect.
With other songs like "Biology 2," "Fa La Fa Lee," and the brilliantly titled "Saccaharin and the War," Sparks remains a wonderfully entertaining listen and an honestly unique debut.(

Hello Folks, good morning to you all and hope you will have a nice weekend. Today i will post again a little more here on the blog. After this Sparks post it will take a few hours but than i will be back with some very (at least i hope you will think the same about it :-) ) nice albums from different directions and times of release. Okay see you later and i hope you will have fun with this imho fantastic debut by the wonderful awful Sparks :-). Wonderful for her really great stuff they recorded in the past and awful for the disastrous songs they also released in the bands career, lol.

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