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The Truth - A Step In The Right Direction Singles Demos BBC Live 1983-1984 (Cherry Red Records 2016) Three disc release (Flac & mp3)

This UK Mod/R&B outfit unconnected to the 60s group of the same name were built around lead vocalist and guitarist Dennis Greaves (ex-Nine Below Zero). The line-up was completed by his co-writer Mick Lister (guitar/vocals), Brian Bethell (bass), Chris Skornia (Hammond organ) and Gary Wallis (drums). Greaves had grown tired of his former band's restrictive format, though it must be said that the Truth's brand of 60s soul was more energetic than original. Strategically they opted against joining the Jam's Respond label, strong comparisons to the former were already taking place in the media.
Despite their obvious roots in mod fashion and music, the Truth would actually employ Spandau Ballet producers Tony Swain and Steve Jolley to craft a more modern pop sound. Their brief flirtation with chart success began with "Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)", and followed through "Step In The Right Direction", and "No Stone Unturned". These, their only chart hits, were all released on the Formation label, before they signed with IRS for one album. In 1987 they moved on to MCA, but returned to IRS the following year (as Dennis Greaves And The Truth). Under that monicker they recorded a version of Argent's "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You" produced by Andy Piercy (ex-After The Fire), but this too failed to chart.(

That the band worked with the Spandau Ballet producers -and the songs sometimes sound a little bit too clean produced- can but don't must alienate you because the band is very strong with their power to present the songs live and in the studio and also a real strong songwriting. This is very good pop music if you wanna go dance with your girl/boy and the songs have a strong party factor. To me the strongest parts of this three disc release are the live tracks.

         Frank         mp3 part 1  &  mp3 part 2  &  mp3 part 3
                           You need all three mp3 parts!
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