Hello Folks, just for your information i will go to the sun this year from the 23rd of this month until around the 15th of october. I got the confirmation today. Hurray :-). hope we will meet here again after my holidays.


Friday, 3 March 2017

The Effection- Soundtrack To A Moment 2012 (mp3)

"Soundtrack to a Moment is, top to bottom, one the finest power pop albums to come out in years. Bouchard and his pals are unabashed pigs for harmonizing, which, when welded to the chassis of their punk background, makes for some pretty cathartic stuff. Forget all the buzzwords like genuine and sincerity that are tossed around to keep power pop down in its cult ghetto, and you'll more likely than not find yourself wondering why a song like "Agony" shouldn't be on the charts. Here's to hoping for better days."
--- John O'Neill, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Very good Power Pop album from a top notch band of the genre. Great arrangements and songs who remember me sometimes to the Knack. You should give them a try if you never heard this guys.
          Frank  mp3@320

The Artwoods - Jazz In Jeans 1966 (2010) Flac

The Artwoods - Jazz in Jeans from 1966 is the original ep with four tracks plus 14 bonus tracks. The 14 bonus tracks are 7 7''singles from the Artwoods from the sixties. If you like the Artwoods, grab it.

Have fun
             Frank  Flac 

Problems with Bigfile? Problems with yourself?

Hello folks, i will give here a short instruction how to download free files in Bigfiles. I know that some people have problems to download by Bigfile. As far i know it is no problem in the most countries to reach Bigfile.
Okay i want try to give an easy guidance/instruction:

1) You follow my download link
2)The browser leads you to the site of bigfile where the file is.
3)You must scroll the site a little down. (If any windows pop up close them)
4)If you have scroll down a little there is a window: Left side: premium user  Right side: free user.
5)Push the free user button
6) a counter countdown 60 seconds to zero
7)If the minute is expired the site jumps automatically up. There is a captcha.
8)Fill in the captcha
9)If you fill in the captcha right you can push the download button. That's it.

It's important to close the pop up windows than there is no problem to download.
You can also make an account for free.The downloads run more faster than.

I write this here because i got impolite emails and comments about my choice for bigfile. I don't understand peoples like this. The music is for free and if some things not work as i like i can be nevertheless always polite if i talk to someone. I believe that's the base for a good communication. Just my two cents...
I hope i could help with Bigfile