Friday, 3 March 2017

Problems with Bigfile? Problems with yourself?

Hello folks, i will give here a short instruction how to download free files in Bigfiles. I know that some people have problems to download by Bigfile. As far i know it is no problem in the most countries to reach Bigfile.
Okay i want try to give an easy guidance/instruction:

1) You follow my download link
2)The browser leads you to the site of bigfile where the file is.
3)You must scroll the site a little down. (If any windows pop up close them)
4)If you have scroll down a little there is a window: Left side: premium user  Right side: free user.
5)Push the free user button
6) a counter countdown 60 seconds to zero
7)If the minute is expired the site jumps automatically up. There is a captcha.
8)Fill in the captcha
9)If you fill in the captcha right you can push the download button. That's it.

It's important to close the pop up windows than there is no problem to download.
You can also make an account for free.The downloads run more faster than.

I write this here because i got impolite emails and comments about my choice for bigfile. I don't understand peoples like this. The music is for free and if some things not work as i like i can be nevertheless always polite if i talk to someone. I believe that's the base for a good communication. Just my two cents...
I hope i could help with Bigfile



  1. Sorry
    Clearly it is the last time I will be connected to your site.
    When you said your receive impolite email, I presume you are referring to my email and in this case, it is not correct from your side to say that.
    I explained already that my purpose was not against you but against the provider.
    So it is not because your blog is interesting that allow you to say purposes they are not corresponding to the truth.
    It is not honnest.
    I'm pretty sure you will not publish my comment.
    In anycase good luck for your blog

  2. Hey, musicyoucan. Bigfile doesn't work well for me. So what? It's free! Frank has already provided a bunch of excellent shares, and for that he needs our thanks, not any bad vibes.

    I'll struggle with Bigfile, but Frank continues to do file shares on Zippy,so don't give up on the blog, and be grateful for what you have got so far and will maybe get in the future.

    Peace, love and file sharing...


  3. Hello musicman. This is all no fun. Not for you and not for me. On my side we can forget this thing. To me it is not worth all the bad feelings. If you can take my hand i can take yours.Don't know how you think about it. Just one word related to the postings. I read the last two posts of you around two minutes before i write this now.If you can take my hand it's enough of fuckin' war in this world.
    Best regards

  4. Hello Franck,
    I will take immediately your hand, no issue. I reconize my sentence, quick written, was not well formulated and I can understand you were not happy with my words. I'm really sorry.
    And I am very Happy, that the problem i triggered belongs to the past.
    Your blog and your work is far from my unhappy comment.
    Best regards and Thanks you did the first step. I'm with you
    Let have an excellent weekend

  5. Frank, your efforts are much appreciated. If there is an issue with a file host there is no excuse for a lack of courtesy.
    Very nice blog!

  6. While I will say that I personally preferred Mediafire and Mega for dl's, having done a blog myself I realize that some upload sites are easier depending on where you are and what browser you use.

    So do whatever is right for you and ignore the ingrates who can't at least be polite about voicing their preferences.

  7. I strongly recommend a download manager to anyone having problems. jdownloader is the one that I have been using for years. It is perfectly safe, not full of spyware or anything unsavoury. It's fairly intuitive and easy to learn how to use. Just copy the download link into it and you don't ever have to visit the actual file hosting site. No nasty pop-ups, no annoying ads, etc.

    And to those who complain I suggest they try ripping a CD, zip-filing it, uploading it, writing a post, etc. to understand just how much work is involved. Maybe then they will stop complaining.

    I appreciate what you do and all the hard work. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for what you do, Frank.

  9. @Anonymous Hello Anonymous thanks for your tip. Have a nice day

  10. Ola musicman, nice to hear that it is no problem for you forget this shit, too. Like John Lennon in the old days sang: give peace a chance :-). And naturally i wish you also a real nice weekend.


  11. Hi Frank, thanks for the HQ rips, several of your posts have been upgrades for me and a few are even new. Folks having a problem with Bigfile can try the following Premium Link Generator, it works great with Firefox (although personally I haven't used it with other browsers, though).

    Thanks again Frank, and keep on rockin'.

  12. While I stand by my earlier comment that nothing justifies a commentor being rude or nasty and that this is your blog to do with as you see fit, I am just suggesting that you might want to re-consider using Bigfile going forward.

    From a dl'ers perspective Mega and Mediafire are much faster. I am currently dl'ing the Happenings disc and it will take about 4 hours - as opposed to maybe 5 or 10 minutes using the other servers.

    I have considered purchasing Bigfile's premium service but as you are the only blog I frequent that uses it, it just doesn't pay for me.

    Food for thought.

  13. My issues with Bigfile: (a) downloads are slow - used to be fast a year ago but now now, (b) the captacha times out fast (like 30 seconds) and (c) it's screws up 1/5 of the time even when you follow the rules. Zippyshare, Mediafire & Mega don't have these issues. IMO of course, and whatever you wish to use is fine.