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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Lulu - The ATCO Sessions 69 - 72 (2 CD) Rhino 2007 Flac & mp3

Dusty Springfield thrived when she traveled to Memphis and recorded with producers Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin and a bunch of Muscle Shoals pros, cutting music that was soulful and successful, so it made sense for Atco/Atlantic to put Lulu, another British pop-soul singer, through the same drill.

At least it did on paper, but as Rhino UK's The Atco Sessions: 1969-1972 -- a deluxe double-disc reissue of the 1970 albums New Routes and Melody Fair, buttressed with almost a full album's worth of unreleased material cut with Dowd in 1970, the 1972 single "It Takes a Real Man (To Bring Out the Woman in Me)"/"You Ain't Wrong You Just Ain't Right," some alternate takes and other stray tracks -- the results weren't nearly as compelling as the classic Dusty southern sessions, even if almost every element from those records was replicated here.

Lulu is supported by a cast of all-stars -- the Dixie Flyers featuring Jim Dickinson, the Memphis Horns, the Sweet Inspirations do backing vocals, Felix Cavaliere lays down percussion, even Duane Allman shows up on New Routes -- the production is sharp and soulful, and she sings with
considerable spunk and sass...and that may be the problem, actually.

Whereas Springfield was a nuanced deep soul singer, Lulu's appeal almost always relied on her energy, and while she leans hard on that here, it's not enough to give these records some spark because the setting is too smooth and soulful to be swayed by her relentless good cheer.
Even if these recordings are strangely, slightly off, with Lulu's strengths not fitting well with that of the pros, this is hardly bad music: Lulu gives it her all and the productions are impeccable, even if they're not quite engaging, so this is worth a listen for those who value either the singer or the players here.(Allmusic)

Ha ha sometimes i can't believe what i read... Okay Folks, wish you a lot of fun with this fine Rhino release. Included are the complete New Routes and Melody Fair albums, all ATCO and Atlantic singles and never before heard (then in 2007) unreleased songs.
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Power Pop by Doug Powell - Curiouser 1998 Flac & mp3

Power pop is fundamentally music written for the radio that nowadays plays nowhere near the radio. The talented Doug Powell handles multiple instruments and technical aspects, but more importantly writes simple pop songs. For Curiouser, Powell recorded "flaws and warts" onto an eight track and released the raw product in an attempt to emulate the freshness and excitement of spontaneity and creation. Surprisingly, Curiouser is not raucous or noisy, but a solid pop record. The sound is fine and the songs are well-structured enough to avoid that demo rip-off feeling. If the liner notes didn't indicate the rudiments of this experiment, none would be the wiser. Of course the project reeks of evil-genius Todd Rundgren, but the tunes are unmistakably Powell's. "Just Like Montgomery Cliff" shares a strange celebrity fascination with the Clash. Powell's former Nashville neighbor, Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson, helps out on "When She Awoke" (later laid down with the rest of Swag). The great piece "Torn" also graces the excellent Nashpop collection. "Cross My Heart" exudes pure obsessive romanticism: paralyzing and fascinating. Sometimes Powell's forlorn feeling recalls Freedy Johnston, but with better vocals. Curiouser actually gets better as it rolls. Don't see Doug Powell shooting up the charts, and of course he deserves much more credit than he'll ever get, but, in a perfect world, he rides the top of the pops.(

This guy makes his own kind of Power Pop with different influences (not only the Fab Four) and that's what i like in his music. The songs always mediates a particular feeling. And that's something i can't assort of every Power Pop musician (and i am a real BIG fan of PP). On this album are some damn good songs and for me it's a little masterpiece and i hope you will have fun, too!
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The Smoke - Sugarman: Best of the Smoke (Repertoire Records) Flac & mp3

 The Smoke were a psychedelic pop/mod/british psychedelia band who was known best for her hit 'My Friend Jack'. But they have a lot of really great popsongs done from around '67 until into the seventies. This is a fine compilation by Repertoire Records with all in all 28 songs.And the swelection is well done in my opinion.

Have fun
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Here are the promised mp3 files for ''Steve & Stevie, Tin Tin - The Legend Of Steve Kipner And Steve Groves 1968-1973 (2013)''

Hello Folks and Friends, here are the mp3 files i promised you the day before yesterday. Sorry but i was too busy yesterday.
I put the links in the flac post of ''Steve & Stevie, Tin Tin - The Legend Of Steve Kipner And Steve Groves 1968-1973 (2013)''. You find two mp3 links there and as know what's coming, need both links.
Have fun and i will try to post some more today. Have a nice day all out there!