Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Psychedelic Rock - Matt Piucci - Hellenes (2000 Inbetweens Records) Flac & mp3

Matt Piucci was one of the guitarist/singers in the Rain Parade, the Los Angeles band that was identified with the underground psychedelic revival of the early 1980s and which also gave birth to Mazzy Star. He's also an occasional member of Neil Young's Crazy Horse. On HELLENES, all these sounds and more come together under Piucci's guidance.
"Spectacular Dive" has eerie, ghostly vocals, and a melody that recalls the more tuneful parts of Pink Floyd's WISH YOU WERE HERE crossed with some of Neil Young's smoldering, spacey guitar jams, but Piucci brings a lean sense of dynamics that give his songs punch and real staying power. There's a healthy variety of mood here, with unexpected wry humor. The acoustically-driven, haunting, forlorn "I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry" recalls Syd Barrett's solo ballads, while "Love is Mine" is a thundering Byrds/Tom Petty-style rocker, and the chugging, humorous "T. Rex" is a surreal yet affectionate tribute to both band and dinosaur. The guitars shimmer, jangle and smolder intensely throughout--Piucci plays with tense, steely purpose--and the production is lush and layered.

What can i say? Great album! Great musician! Enjoy it!

Have fun
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