Friday, 17 March 2017

New Wave Power Pop from Australia 1980 - The Radiators

The Radiators - Feel The Heat (1980) Flac

The radiators debuted late 1978. Their first album "Feel the Heat" was released late 1979 and by march 1980 these aussie rock icons had achieved platinum status. Little did they then know they would go on to forge a unique sound and influence thousands of music lovers throughout Australia.

 This was one of my favourite albums during the early 80's and is still a blast to listen to today. This album forged the way for the Rads to be part of Australian muscic folk law. A fun party band with the powerful vocals of Brian Nichol and the musical influence of Geoff Turner and Fess Parker makes this one of there best. If you had to have one Rads album this would be one to have.(amazon customer)

I was to lazy for searching an review over the web. To me it is a nice new wave power pop album and the best of the band in my opinion. I listened yesterday evening after a very long time once again and thought i will post it here today. Hope you enjoy
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