Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Enfields - Friends Of The Family- The Songs Of Ted Munda (Get Hip Rec) Flac


 In 1966, this Wilmington, DE, group released one of the best garage rock singles, "She Already Has Somebody," a moody, melodic original on par with the best efforts by the Zombies. Led by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ted Munda, they were popular in their region and totally unknown elsewhere, releasing a few singles on a tiny local label. It may seem like a slim legacy, but the group's output stands considerably above the norm of the hundreds of other comparable American regional garage bands of the time, due primarily to Munda's fine melodic songwriting, heavily influenced not only by the Zombies but by the Beatles and Beau Brummels. In 1967, Munda formed Friends of the Family, who explored jazzier and more progressive directions, resulting in some interesting material.

 All seven songs from the Enfields' four extremely rare singles, as well as eleven demos recorded by Friends of the Family in 1967 and 1968. A well-above-average '60s obscurity.(

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  1. I may even be a bigger fan of 60s garage than I am of Power Pop and both "I Saw What You Did" by The Olivers and "She Already Has Somebody" by The Enfields are stone classics of the genre! Thanks for these!!!!!

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