Saturday, 20 May 2017

Here comes a chef's suggestion!!! - The Floor Models - Floor Your Love & Letter From Liverpool

Hello Folks, today i want start the blog with a suggestion of a fine Jangle/Pop Rock/Power Pop band from New York City. For me the band was until yesterday unknown, i only had heard the name one or two times before and the song ''Letter From Liverpool''. Most of you people of the Blogosphere will know the band because a member of the Floor Models - that's the name of this fantastic gang of musicians - have a fine Blog who's called ''Power Pop'' and it's a very popular Blog. Steve Simels is the owner of the blog and plays bass and keyboards in the Floor Models. We came in contact some weeks ago due to a swiss band of the sixties... I want not tell the whole story here because this is a suggestion about Steve's band and the great album ''Floor Your Love'' (zerohourrecords).here.

The songs on the album are from the early eighties until '88 and i highly recommend it if you are a lover of very well done Jangle/Power Pop. What i think about the album detailed (and also the 5 Track Ep or single? ''Letter from Liverpool'' released 2016) you can read at the ''Power Pop'' Blog by Steve

More infos about the albums you will find here.
If you like what you hear (and i know you will :-) ) you can buy the album here and the ep/single here.

Kind regards


  1. Thanks, Frank. Again and sincerely.

  2. One caveat -- the album is better ordered directly from Zero Hour; the CD Baby link is to an earlier version without the great photos, liner notes, and improved sound.

    The EP at CD Baby, however, is the real thing.

    And thanks again...

    1. Hello Steve i changed the link for the album.
      Kind regards