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Davy Jones, Peter Noone & Bobby Sherman - Teen Idols Tour 1998 (Flac & mp3@320)

Bobby Sherman:
Sporting a winning smile and fashionably shaggy hair, Bobby Sherman was a genuine teen idol during the late '60s and early '70s. Sherman first surfaced as a regular on ABC-TV's mid-'60s rock spectacular Shindig!, then co-starred on the warmhearted program Here Come the Brides. He stormed the pop charts as a vocalist in 1969-70 with the well-produced "Little Woman," "La La La (If I Had You)," "Easy Come, Easy Go," and "Julie, Do Ya Love Me," all four songs credited as million sellers on the Metromedia label. The hits stopped abruptly in 1972, and today Sherman mostly works behind the scenes in television.(allmusic.com)

Peter Noone:
In a multi-dimensional career that garnered respect from his colleagues and millions of fans worldwide, Peter Noone was the professional's professional. As a child, he appeared on the British television shows Coronation Street, Knight Errant, and Family Solicitor, and went on to study acting at the Manchester School of Music and Drama.

Bobby Sherman 1998

In 1963, he joined a Manchester beat group, the Heartbeats, whose name was changed shortly thereafter to Herman & the Hermits and eventually shortened to Herman's Hermits. His career with that popular recording act sold well over 50 million records, at times eclipsing the Beatles themselves in sales. (excerpt bio allmusic.com)

Noone in the sixties

Davy Jones:
One year after the Monkees called it quits (for the first time), Davy Jones surfaced with his second solo outing (1965's pre-Monkees album David Jones was his debut). Jones has often said that he never viewed himself as a musician, but rather as an entertainer. This is evident with this album. Instead of trying to write a masterpiece, he relied on producer Jackie Mills to assemble a number of pop/rock songs and a tight band to go along with them.
...and in the seventies...
To that end, it is a success. The playing is more than adequate and this is a collection of pop songs. Jones has a pleasing voice, and the songs themselves are short enough so that none of them can become truly irritating. The music is very similar to the Monkees' 1970 album, Changes. Some of the songs are filler (such as "Take My Love"), while others are examples of great pop songs (such as the Top 40 single "Rainy Jane"). Jones did not set out to change the world with this album, but he did set out to put together a pleasing product. To that end, he succeeded. Monkees fans will love this album.

...end of nineties

These three guys were in their times of pop fame, then in the sixties, real great teenage popstars.
And these guys were GOOD.


The recording here is from a US tour in 1998. It's a very very good recording and the music on it
is without any doubt first class pop music, delivered by three guys who was in '98 around 30 years on stage. And that you can here . Beautiful from the first tone to the last. Highly recommend!
A big big 'Thank You' to Marc, a reader from California  who provided the album for the blog. 

Okay Folks enjoy it,
                                 Frank   Flac p1Flac p2       - mp3@320

p.s.: If you want to buy the album i found it on amazon for nearly 60 bucks...  :-(

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