Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Dogs - Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood 1982 (1992 Epic Records) Flac & mp3

Another great album from this "most forgotten" French band. There aren't a whole lot of "punk" bands that come to mind when one thinks of France in the 1970's, but the Dogs played plenty of gigs and proved that France could rock with the best of 'em. This isn't really a punk record, per se, but one that instead strongly leans toward a melodic, 60's pop/garage rock feel. If power pop's your thing, this will be right up your alley. They seem altogether more mellow on their third album over their more energetic debut Different.
You've got a few covers and classic tunes like "The Most Forgotten French Boy", "Too Much Class for the Neighbourhood", "Home Is Where I Want to Be", and the jangly "Lonesome Angie". A band with a very nice sound that shouldn't be neglected.(Vandaleyes, reader rate your music)

This is a very nice rock album with punk and pop.
And these french guys have done a lot of good music in the past.
Enjoy it
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  1. Great Band, Great record...And Dominique, the leader of the band, was a real gentleman !