Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Tomcats - Running At Shadows - The Spanish Recordings 1965-1966 (2016)

The Tomcats were a London-based quintet (originally named The Thoughts), who, in turn, were formed out of the remnants of a skiffle band called the Playboys. Among those passing through one early line-up of the Tomcats was John "Speedy" Keen, who played drums in the band. The group didn't have any significant success in England, but in 1966 they accepted an offer to perform in Spain with what proved to be their final line-up, which was drawn from a band called Second Thoughts. They were a hit in their live performances in Spain and suddenly found an eager audience for their music--the band charted four EPs of material that ranged from covers of contemporary hits ("Paint It Black" etc.) to Spanish language songs. The group returned to England in 1967, and, keeping the same line-up, altered their sound and their name to July. A 1997 CD called The Tomcats from the Essex label collects the best covers from their four Spanish EPs and fills it out with the contents of a 1964-vintage EP by the Second Thoughts.

Some days ago i posted here on the blog the psychedelic pop album by  July - July from 1968. This band here the Tomcats with the same line-up changed their name and voila...the psychedelic pop band July was born. The Tomcats sound is in a more garage kind of sound but also very well done.
Give it a try and listen. I will post the mp3 link tomorrow.
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p.s.: Can someone help with the original RPM artwork?
p.p.s.: Take a look in the comments folks, Reader Jerry did an upgrade for the artwork.


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    1. Thanks, Jerry :-)
      btw: today more Essex Green will follow

    2. You're welcome....and thanks for the EG...would you happen to have Cannibal Sea I've been looking for that one?.....thanks for your efforts.

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    4. Sorry , ää, yes i have that but only in mp3@vbr 200~220. If that's okay for you i will post it.