Thursday, 25 May 2017

Finest Californian Pop Rock/Power Pop With A Dash Americana: The Popravinas - California Sonic (2017 Zesty Smile Records) Wav & mp3

The Popravinas is a band from California formed in 2003 by bassist, vocalist and songwriter Eddie Sill.
Since 2006 other members are producer and guitarist John Adair and guitarist Dean Lyons. Current man on the drums is David Rodgers.
The first album ''Nobody Fault But Ours'' was released in 2008 and received very good reviews and a lot of airplay in the media. I must confess that i don't know the first album and can't say anything about it. So i come to their latest album release from this year called ''California Sonic''.
The first song 'She's Going South' shows in what direction the album will go: Powerful Pop Rock/Power Pop with a good dash Americana. The Song is also together with 'I Gotta Hope' the first single of the new album. Both songs very strong melodic pop rock songs. I prefer 'I Gotta Hope', that song remembers me very much to the Stones in the eighties.

From now on the album become stronger and stronger. 'Wow' is a fine uptempo ballad in the style of 'Waiting on a friend' to stay a moment at the Stones comparison. Very good and tasteful guitar work here. 'Alone ain't so bad' starts with a nice rhythm variation of the second guitar. The song works with country elements here and have a charming americana feel. A modern country song is 'Great Western Fiasco' with little parts of impressive guitar work. It suits me how the band put these parts into the song(s). ''Top of the heartache' is a song which Jagger/Richards can't better do in their high times. 'California' is a very atmospheric number. 'Sent Callin'' finished the album with a relaxed pop rock number.

 My favourite songs on the album: I gotta hope, Wow, Santa Monica Moon, Alone ain't so bad, Top of the heartache, California.

'California Sonic' to me is a very american sounding pop rock album. The strengths of the album is the fantastic guitar work and the interplay of the both guitarists. The vocals are fantastic and give the songs the last missing piece (beside the fantastic lyrics) to make them complete. Some may say that it sounds like Jagger and sure the Stones come in mind if you listen to the band. But a band is more than just a similar voice. And if you listen to the Popravinas you will always hear the difference. And the difference makes the Popravinas.

 My rating for 'California Sonic' is: 4 Pilzköpfe out of possible 5 Pilzköpfe! (means 4 stars out of possible 5 stars for the album). :-)

         SB1 Wav part1  &  Wav part2   &   Wav part3   - mp3

If you want to buy the album you find it here & here  & here  & here     

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