Friday, 26 May 2017

Great Psychedelic Pop By: The Essex Green - The Essex Green EP 1999 Vinyl 24/96 Flac & mp3

Bands of the Elephant 6 collective usually fall into two categories: those who function simply as rock historians recreating the sounds of the '60s (Of Montreal anyone?) and those who are able to extrapolate those influences into originality (the brilliant Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power).
From the first song on the EP, the effervescent "Fabulous Day," the Essex Green firmly place themselves into the second group. So while their pop is heavily indebted to the likes of the Kinks and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, they manage to measure in just enough originality to eclipse mimicry, making the Essex Green's music at once familiar and innovative, classic and fresh.
As with their full-length, The Essex Green is a consistent listen, with each of the five tracks possessing a definite hook and embodying a different variation on summer of love era pop.(

Searched through my HDD's today and found some nice treasures. This is the first i ever heard by the Essex Green and it's nice to see have done a nice critic.

          SB1    Flac part1    &   Flac part2           -  mp3@320

Sorry but artwork is hard to find!

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  1. Just wondering, is this release supposed to be in mono? The FLAC files seem to be either mono or somehow in lower resolution than I expected.