Monday, 29 May 2017

Kevin K once again!!! Kevin K And The Kool Kats - Allies (2013) & 13th Street (2001) Flac & mp3

Kevin K is Kevin Kalicki, one of the founders of Buffalo punk/new wave icons the Toys. Kevin started legendary bands Grim Reaper and Aunt Helen with his brother, Alan, in the mid- to late-1970s, with the later band releasing what is considered by some the first punk rock 45 in the Buffalo area. Kevin (going by Kevin K) and Alan (aka Rocky Starr) started the Toys with Doug (Mick) Tyler and Joel Slazyk (Meat Cleaver) in 1979.

Before long, their combination of high-energy original songs and outrageous stage show had them opening for bands ranging from the Ramones, Dead Boys and Romantics to Squeeze and Pat Benatar. Along the way, they released one (now) highly collectible single, "Livin' Fast"/"I'm Telling You Now" and the also rare album, "Say It." The latter was released after the band's name was changed to the New Toys. The band toured throughout the northeastern U.S., earning a rabid following, and eventually moving to New York City, working with the band Dirty Looks and befriending former New York Doll Johnny Thunders before disbanding in 1984.

After that, the Kalicki brothers formed a band called the Lone Cowboys (finally recording a legendary punk version of Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" that had roots going back to Toys days. The brothers later collaborated again in the Road Vultures, a band that brought them to the attention New York's punk legends like Sylvain Sylvain, Jerry Nolan, Dee Dee Ramones and Cheetah Chrome. Alan Kalicki died in 1996, but Kevin K has kept on rocking. He regularly tours Europe, hitting France, Germany and Poland, and has been recording albums all along. His last appearance in Buffalo, though, was nearly 20 years ago. He'll be performing at the Gateway Gallery with a band of friends from the area, with a special appearance planned - if all goes well - by former Toy Mick Tyler. In opening the show, Cowboys of Scotland will play a set of classic punk and original songs, while Matt Smith will bring his own mix of Johnny Thunders-inspired rock 'n' roll for another set. (discogs)

Garage/Glam/Power Pop from a man who learned his musical handcraft on the roads of this world.

This are two albums on one disc and we have a lot of great songs here but it's a pity that 'Too Much Junkie Business' from 13th Street is missing here in this release. I assume it's for not enough space on the disc. :-(
However, if you like this kind of music grab it. And if you see the band is in your hometown go and visit the concert. You will get a full load of Rock'n'Roll.

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