Sunday, 28 May 2017

Glam/Power Pop by Kevin K & The Hollywood Stars 2007 Flac & mp3

Kevin K & The Hollywood Stars 2007

Today i read a review about this album where the critic talked about the album cover '' the cover looks like self made with corel draw and the frontman looks like a drug victim of 20 years drug abuse...but than i listened to the music and was positive surprised... Here i stopped reading further. I understand what he want to say about the artwork and i understand what he want to say about the look of Kevin K. But what have that to do with the music?
I don't need music critics like that. Bullshit! Excuse me i forgot my good breeding :-)

This is my review in a few words: If you like Power Pop with Glam and catchy songs with a punk attitude grab Kevin K & The Hollywood Stars.

Have fun
              SB1      Flac part1  &   Flac part2    -  mp3@320


  1. Everything that Kevin K has done over the years has been of a very high quality... there's a ton of albums out there, and they are all worth listening to. And I'm not just saying that because I play in his NYC band... I was a fan long before playing with him.

    1. Hello Cow, you have a really great job :-). I have some more of Kevin that i will post here. And you are right there is not one bad album. Thanks for your comment

  2. Okay so clearly there was no budget for the cover artwork or this album at all for that matter but the photography helps it out for sure ( not that I'm biased ) and most importantly Kevin K put what money he had towards the most important thing: THE MUSIC! This is punk rock- let our commercial rock brainwashed tendencies slide away as we let his catchy Glam Pop Punk burst on in! Carry on Kevin K! It was an honor to photograph you guys!