Monday, 29 May 2017

Psychedelic Pop By The Pillbugs: The Pillbugs - Everybody Wants A Way Out 2008 Flac & mp3

The Pillbugs 'Everybody Wants A Way Out' (Rainbow Quartz, 2008)

Pills, thrills and bellyaches

There is always something a little disconcerting about a bunch of middle-aged rockers fiddling with delays and valve amps in search of that long lost Barrett melody or forgotten Kaleidoscope gem. It inevitably ends up in some sour psych stew of ill-fitting paisley shirts and greying sideburns. Yet, and I draw on the great Welsh zoom-rockers Man for hope here, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Pillbugs, purveyors of all things psych-pop since the late 90s, are another band in question who manage to avoid that ever-alluring pastiche pound. Shrouded in sadness – founder member Mark Kelley passed away as the album was being made – 'Everybody Wants A Way Out' is nonetheless a joyous and incredibly uplifting record that will appeal to anyone whose favourite Saturday night in entails a bag of 'shrooms and the whole of Red Dwarf series 1. For me it’s music that's on the Walkman for those Camden market trips to Rhythm Records in search of the new Steppes record, those heady days when melody was king and the Rickenbacker beat shit out of Les Paul any day of the week. Given that through most of this record I am up out of my seat throwing shapes to an imaginary acid-fuelled throng, it’s far to say The Pillbugs are my new favourite old band (if that makes sense!).

It’s hard to make a case for a band that sounds straight out of ’65 in context with modern needs and concerns, yet, despite having nothing ‘modern’ about them whatsoever or indeed seemingly caring, The Pillbugs somehow don’t sound out of place. I guess great songs, soaring guitars, and songs about chicks called ‘Emily’ never date. A wholehearted, thumbs up for a record that has reignited my search for all those missing issues of Bucketful Of Brains I never got around to buying first time around. Fab! (bandcamp, review by Del Day)

Produced by Mark Mikel

Album Artwork: Mark Roland
Design: Bob Tibbitts
The Pillbugs: Dan Chalmers, Mark Kelley, Mark Mikel, David Murnen, Scott Tabner
Additional bass/guitar/vocals/production: Scott Hunt 

Enjoy this extraordinary psychedelic pop band
Have fun
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  1. Hello. I don't know if this is your rip or not but I just wanted to let you know that there's slight glitches in some of the songs. I have an old download of this in 192 so downloaded yours for the upgrade but had to go back to my old file. I dig your blog & the kind of music you post and appreciate all the time & work you put into it. Thanks

    1. Hello Tommy, first thanks for the info. What do you mean exactly? I listened after your commnt to my copy and everything is okay here.
      Maybe try again to download. I will download the file by myself and check that, too. If the download file is in any way corrupt i will put up a new rip

      Kind regards

    2. Hola Tommy i have listened to the download file and you are right. Some slight glitches. I will take the files down will do a new rip. Thanks again Tommy,
      best regards