Saturday, 18 March 2017

More mp3! A little more of mp3 files

Hello Friends and Folks , first i wish all of you a good morning and a relaxed free weekend.
I want to announce that i will post a little more of mp3 files in the future because a lot people wrote me they would love to see more mp3 here on the blog. Also i see there are a big number of downloads at the mp3's i posted in the past. I am very surprised by myself about that. I thought always people like more the ''lossless'' files. I know there are a lot of arguments and reasons 'pro' Flac and 'against' mp3 and reverse. I think we don't must discuss it here once again. But if it possible for me i don't want to ignore a part of the blog audience. I  share music for the reason of spreading this music that we all love.
It won't change a lot and i will post the Flac files furthermore. But the amount of mp3 postings will get a little more. In some cases it will make it a little easier for me because it is no fun to make two or three archives for one album. I love what i do here with the blog and i hope you like it, too. Because this only can be functional with you, the listeners. Okay, no panic because just a little will change and i hope you all understand it.

Kind regards


  1. Just a quick note to say I appreciate your work and that you have been posting some great music. I'm a FLAC fan myself. If I need an MP3, transcoding is easy to do. Thanks again!

  2. thanks for more MP3!! : )) Really appreciate all of your posts

  3. I personally prefer FLAC but understand that some people aren't equipped to play that format. I think that it can be a problem for Apple users (just another reason that I hate Apple).
    Thanks for all of your efforts!

  4. Thank you, Frank. Keep up the great work! I enjoy every upload you bring to us!

  5. Thanks for all you do and your time with this blog. MP3's are great, and easy to use. Thank You

  6. Just echoing what others have said: I prefer variable bit rate MP3's as they play nicely on Foobar, but most important is your regular posting of nicely eclectic music from all over the Power Pop spectrum. Truly appreciate your stirling work and excellent hit rate, please keep up the good service you provide us hungry fans.