Saturday, 18 March 2017

Chad And Jeremy - (OST) Three In The Attic 1968 Flac

This is the third album i highly recommend if you like light psychedelic pop. The album is a six piece. All six songs are written, composed and arranged by Chad Stuart. It's the soundtrack of the American International Pictures film 3 In The Attic. I never saw the film so please excuse me that i can't tell you something about the story line. The album's running time is around 30 minutes. Song number 6 alone have a running time of 13min 22 sec.
All i can say this is a very fine album and all six songs are real good imho. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.
           Frank  Flac


  1. Frank, I saw this movie. Michael Parks is a college student with 3 girlfriends. None of the three know that the other two exist.
    When they find out, they develop a plan to imprison him in an attic and literally love him to death.
    The album is a nice folk rock album.
    Thanks for this great blog!

  2. Anonymous, thank you for the information.
    Thankful Greetz