Saturday, 18 March 2017

Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde - Of Cabbages And Kings 1967 2006 Sony, Japan (Flac)

Chad and Jeremy had done three albums who sound different to their common folk sound. I will post these albums here in the next days. The first s here OF Cabbages And Kings, the second one is called The Ark and the third one is called 3 In The Attic. All three albums were produced by Gary Usher and reflect the more pop oriented psychedelicism of the duo. Hope you will have fun with the albums. First here comes Of Kings And Cabbages.
I will later post ''Sing for you - A golden classics edition'' who shows the more folk sound of the guys.
         Frank   Flac


  1. Thanks for Chad & Jeremy albums produced by Gary Usher. I prefer the first two albums, "Before and after" and "Distant shores", but the three sound good.
    I recommend you "Yesterday's Gone", The Complete Ember/World Artists Recordings. RPM CD. 2016.
    Jaume from Barcelona.

  2. Ola Jaume i also have the first two albums and also Yesterdays gone, the complete... But thanks for your post and your kind tip.
    Kind regards

  3. Of Cabbages and Kings was a fave of mine back in the day, but the vinyl left my collection when I starting going digital...thanx for the opportunity to hear this again, as well as The Ark.