Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Who - The Singles 2011 (SHM Cd Japan) Flac

I think this band to introduce is not really necessary. Originally released in 1984. It was released worldwide except for North America. Why? No clue! It contains 16 tracks and had good sales worldwide. The 2011 Japan shm release contains 26 tracks.

For me it is a fine collection of songs by the band. Not in a ''best of'' way but in a historical. And for me it is more of a benefit than a disadvantage that several sources were used. Some people had criticized it. For me, i don't want listen to a rock song from 1965 i.e. in absolutely  highsuperstereoquadropower  hightechfidelity.
I need it more in line with the times and LOUD. But it's only my opinion.

 To me it's fine and   maybe also for  you.


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