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60's Psych pop from Down Under: Peculiar Hole in the Sky - Pop Psych from Down Under ('66 - '69) ('73) 2002

The Australian pop-psychedelia scene of the late '60s was more akin to the British pop-psych scene than the American one, though it borrowed from both of those cousins. Really, however, it wasn't as distinctive as either, nor did it have many tunes to rate on par with the best of those from the U.K. or U.S. Nonetheless, this 27-track anthology of Oz pop-psych from 1967-1970 does cover a scene that's rarely been noted by rock collectors or historians, particularly outside of Australia. Licensed from the Festival label (with the exception of a couple of tracks from Clarion Records), there aren't any names that will strike instant chords with the international pop connoisseur, though some of the writers and performers found wide fame in other contexts.
Foremost among those is Bon Scott, who, prior to joining AC/DC, sang on the Valentines' "Peculiar Hole in the Sky," which in turn was written by Harry Vanda and George Young of the Easybeats (who released their own version shortly afterward). Vanda-Young also wrote R. Black & the Rockin' V's' "Walking & Talking," never recorded by the Easybeats, though that song's just OK. Other noted writers are behind some of the better tracks. Mick Bower of the Masters Apprentices, one of the greatest Australian rock bands, wrote the Bucket's very Cream-styled "I Can't Help Thinking of You." Graham Gouldman penned his usually classy pop on Normie Rowe's "Going Home," produced by legendary British impresario Giorgio Gomelsky. Barry Gibb authored Jon's anxious "Upstairs, Downstairs," which sounds much like the Bee Gees' own circa-1966 recordings. Overall, though, the songs tend toward the ordinary with a touch of weirdness in material, sometimes with lingering British Invasion, mod rock, and sunshine pop influences. Once in a while a cut does jump out as worthy of attention, like the Executives' dreamy yet disquieting "Moving in a Circle" with its eerie organ and wispy vocal by Carole King (not that Carole King).(

27 tracks from Down Under of the years 1966 - 1973( one song). More exactly actually '66 - '69 with one exception. Anyway this is a nice collection of the popsike and related styles bands of Oz from the middle to the late sixties. The songs show a wide range of the genre. And that means not ''a few good songs, a few average and some bad songs. This collection is on a high level of real good songs. But know in the end it's all a question of taste. Give it a try and you will not regret it.

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