Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Rembrandts - L.P. (1995) mp3

The Rembrandts - L.P. (1995)

Most of the merits of the Rembrandts' third album, LP, were overshadowed by the massive success of "I'll Be There for You," the infectious theme from the hit Generation X sitcom Friends. Included on LP at the last minute -- the first pressings didn't list the song on the album cover -- "I'll Be There for You" received saturation radio airplay, topping the adult contemporary charts, yet it was never released as a single, forcing fans to buy the entire album to own the song.
While the Monkees guitar riffs and layered harmonies are not entirely representative of the Rembrandts -- it makes them out to be a bubblegum band -- the record is filled with smart, hook-laden guitar pop that won't disappoint old Rembrandts fans or listeners attracted by the hit.

I believe the guys...or girls...:-) of Allmusic seems to be big fans of the soap opera Friends. You can't nothing read about the Rembrandts without reading nearly more about Friends. Anyway you all know the Rembrandts and this is a fine album in the tradition of the Rembrandts.
Enjoy it
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