Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The King Of Power Pop - Feel The Noise (2014) Flac

Paul Collins - Feel The Noise
After decades of making music that veered into roots music and low-key pop, Paul Collins' 2010's King of Power Pop! was an invigorating return to form that proved he was still the master of the sort of upbeat, hooky rock & roll he played with the Nerves and the Beat. 2014's Feel the Noise isn't quite as strong, but it comes close enough to confirm Collins is back on track and still capable of writing, singing, and playing grade-A rock & roll that will sound great on the AM radio in your mind. Like King of Power Pop!, Feel the Noise was recorded in Detroit with a handful of local notables helping out -- Nikki Corvette contributes backing vocals on "Baby I Want You," David Shettler of the Sights and SSM plays the drums, Sights leader Eddie Baranek also contributes some guitar leads, and producer Jim Diamond handles the bass and some more guitar. The production recalls the tight, immediate sound of the classic debut album from the Beat, and Collins is writing songs that play to his strengths as a rock & roller while displaying the lyrical viewpoint of a grown man -- "Walk Away" speaks of heartbreak from the perspective of someone who has dealt with it more than once, "Don't Know How to Treat a Lady" offers some valuable advice on romance, and a tough rockin' cover of the Four Tops' "Reach Out I'll Be There" speaks of the strength and determination that comes with experience. But if you're just looking for a good time, don't fret -- "I Need My Rock 'n' Roll," "Little Suzy," and the title cut are full of fire and good energy, and show this man's power pop credentials are absolutely up to date. Feel the Noise suggests Paul Collins is in the midst of an unexpected career renaissance, and folks who love smart pop and rock & roll with hooks and heart have been waiting for this, even if they don't know it. (almusic.com)

It's the latest album of Mr ''King Of Power Pop''. To me the album sounds influenced by Twilley, The Who, Buddy Holly, the Kinks and what to me makes the difference to other Power Pop releases of today is it sounds refreshing like real R'n'R.
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               Frank  Flac


  1. Hi,
    I love this guy,I'm searching a live one from him " Paul Collins ‎– Live In Spain (1997)"maybe you have it?.Thanks ,you've a very good blog.

    1. I am sorry but i don't have it :-(