Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Magic Christian - Evolver (2009) mp3

Hello friends, here comes a band you know very well. Maybe some of you scratch their heads and have a ''?'' in her eyes. Cyril Jordan, Clem Burke, Eddie Munoz and Paul Kopf. Prairie Prince is a guy who played in an earlier version of the band. All this names are very important in the history of Rock and Pop music. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies fame, Eddie Munoz,guitarist of the wonderful Plimsouls and Clem Burke, a member of the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame, but more important he's the man behind the drumkit of seventies legendary band Blondie. Prairie Prince was an earlier member of the band and he was known as drummer of the Tubes.What you want more? No i don't forget Paul Kopf. He is a musician from San Francisco and he created and promoted the great ''Bay Pop'' music festival in San Francisco If you want to know more of the band go here. You also can purchase the music of the band here.
The band plays a fine mixture of R'n'R and Power Pop. and naturally it remembers also to the Groovies.

Hope you will enjoy the guys and you can give them a try here lol.
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