Monday, 9 January 2017

Dear Blog Readers!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, for not published all of your comments.

I am the biggest nimrod which ever walked the earth. Today i received a pm from Mr Qwerty and he asked me why i don't publish comments. And i was surprised about that because i never see a comment coming in (I'm a DUMB-ASS). I think about it and then the light goes on. Something must be wrong with my settings. WOW... i feeled like Albert Einstein when i found the comments in my blog settings and a second later like a nimrod. How i could overseen this? Anyway, maybe too old to rock'n'roll...
I hope it work well now with the comments in the future and please folks, forgive me for that.I really love it when people comment the music and the things that happen on the blog. All of the comments are really appreciated. Thanks for every individual contribution in the comments and please keep it up.
I believe that's all what i can say about it and THANKS!!!


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  1. Comment! :) Thanks for the wonderful hooks, harmony & melody.