Saturday, 17 December 2016

Zweiter Teil ( 2nd part) Big Star - I Got Kinda Lost (2013) [FLAC] {8CD set with bonus 9th disc} Disc 3&4

Okay here we go with the second part of the ''Big Star'' post. From the 'Info' file about Disc 3&4:

Disc 03

At last Big Star has arrived with disc three! The cover photo is an outtake of the band in a relaxed, light-hearted moment sitting in the front 3-paneled window of Alex Chilton's parent's house in 1971. The rear insert cover is of the band taken inside at Ardent Studios circa  late 1971. The outside tray liner photo seems to be the proper posed photo of the cover but at this time it's believed they are not the same session/day.
In fact if you look close enough to tray liner of disc 3 and the cover of disc 4, you will notice they are wearing the exact same clothes with the exception of Chilton who has shed the red reindeer sweatshirt.

Track 12 is the real deal 45 single mix of 'In The Street'. This track is a recent needledrop taken from pristine condition vinyl of a vintage Ardent Records vinyl 45 single. In the recent past, there appeared on CD some tracks that claimed to be the 45 single mix but that wasn't really true. The real 45 single mix does not feature a false start/stop.

Disc 04

nothing to report

Here are the tracklists for disc 3 and disc 4. I forgot that yesterday, sorry. Okay that's it for today with  Big Star. Tomorrow more will follow. Wish you all a nice weekend

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