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Big Star - I Got Kinda Lost (2013) [FLAC] {8CD set with bonus 9th disc}

This is the expanded 'I Got Kinda Lost' unofficial Big Star box set. Previously this set contained four discs and was jam packed with all kinds of Big Star related tracks.
Like the previous incarnations of 'I Got Kinda Lost', this expanded 2013 release attempts to tell the story chronologically of Big Star through their studio outtakes and alternate versions by keeping it more Big Star centric through the prism of Chris Bell and Alex Chilton - the architects of the band.

The tracks are split up between the CD's to a timeline that carries the listener from 1965 to roughly 1975.

This massive compilation is what one would call a 'fantasy release'. It's designed to look 'official' but clearly it is not.
In fact, this box set carries a fake catalog number - ST100/6 which is a direct homage to Chris Bell and Andy Hummel who briefly had the idea (as a joke) that if Ardent/Stax didn't release their completed #1 Record they were going to do it themselves (à la bootleg it) and give it the mythical catalog number ST100/6. Their little idea has now come full circle back to that very same idea, like a bridge to the past.

Some notes:

all sourced from CD or vinyl - no mp3 sourced material!
all artwork was created at 300 dpi - full size - saved as png
all needledrops that appeared on previous comps have been re-done (new transfers)
disc 5, tracks 7 & 8 are fan mixes - they were so good and too hard to pass on
there has been no audio leveling between tracks or 'normalizing'. Tracks are represented here as to how they were from their original origin.

I will upload it in five parts. In the first four parts are two discs in each part. The fifth part includes the ninth disc.(bonus)
This evening i will upload the first part but i hurry up with the other parts. Probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the other parts will follow.
Okay that's what the info says about the first two discs:


Disc one gets started in 1965 with The Jynx, consisting of Chris Bell (guitar), Bill Cunningham (bass), David Hoback (guitar), Dewitt Shy (drums) & Mike Harris (vocals). The first four tracks of disc one are the only recorded tracks from the short lived Jynx which were recorded @ Sonic Studios in December of 1965.
By early 1966 The Jynx called it a day.

We then fast forward a couple of years to 1969 where Chris Bell ended up at Ardent Studios recording with Terry Manning; playing lead guitar on a cover of a then an unreleased Beatles tune called 'One After 909'. Terry had acquired an incomplete demo of the song from someone close to The Beatles. According to Terry, this cover version was Chris Bell's first recording in a 'real studio'.
In addition to that, tracks 9 - 11 feature Chris Bell contributing to songs that would wind up on Terry Manning's solo LP called 'Home Sweet Home'.

From either late 1968 or early 1969 are some Chris Bell experimental tracks called 'Psychedelic Stuff' in which Terry Manning contributes.

During the years in between 1965 and 1968 this compilation doesn't focus on Alex Chilton because his work is more widely known with The Box Tops so there is no reason to add those tracks here as this comp is about rarities and outtakes - not greatest hits.

Alex Chilton departs The Box Tops by late 1969 and records an album's worth of material along with Terry Manning that will remain largely unreleased until roughly 1996 with the album title '1970' - though reports say the material was actually recorded in 1969 - but due to contract stipulations with The Box Tops the album is given the name '1970' so that the recordings can't be viewed as Alex breaking contractual obligations with The Box Tops. Some of these solo tracks make up tracks 12 -23 on disc one. Of course these are alternate or mono tracks that never appeared on the officially released Alex Chilton archival solo album in 1996 called '1970'.

Tracks 18 & 20 are needledrops taken from a pristine vinyl 45 limited to 500 copies.

The cover of disc one features a colorized photo taken by Michael O'Brien of the band in happier days (1971) at Alex's parents house (145 North Montgomery, Memphis, TN). Previously we've only seen a few different shots from this session at Alex's house - all of them have been in black and white. It's interesting to view one of these iconic photos in an colorized alternate way.

The reverse image of the cover features a black & white photo of Alex and Chris in Ardent Studios. It is believed that year is either late 1971 or early 1972.

It's too bad that Omnivore used this same photo of Alex & Chris in the studio for the rear photo of their 45 vinyl single of Alex Chilton's 'All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain' in which they completely airbrushed Chris Bell out of the picture to make it look like Alex was the sole person in the photo/studio!
That crappy omission has been corrected with this release.
The outside tray liner photo is from the same session that yielded the restored photo as mentioned above with Alex and Chris.

 Disc 02

By 1970, after recording this solo album at Ardent with Terry Manning in 1969, Alex heads to New York City to try his hand at playing folk clubs.
Meanwhile, back in Memphis, Chris Bell, Thomas Dean Eubanks, Terry Manning & Jody Stephens form a band in 1969 - 1970 called 'Rock City' and manage to record a proper album. This material makes up the heart of disc two following the rest of Alex's solo material with Terry Manning.
Following the dissolution of Rock City, another Chris Bell led band called Icewater, featuring Chris Bell, Jody Stephens and Terry Manning with extended cast members that included Andy Hummel and Steve Rhea circa 1970.
On a jaunt to New York City in late 1970 to shop demos of Icewater, Chris Bell and Richard Rosebrough meet up with Alex Chilton. Alex tries to convince Chris to stay in NYC and form an acoustic folk duo like Simon & Grafunkel. Chris tells Alex he is more interested in electric guitar in a band - like the Beatles. Chris asks Alex to come and see them play in Memphis and Alex tells him he will.
By late 1970 (just before Christmas) Alex has left NYC and is back in Memphis and true to his word comes to see a 3-piece band Icewater (Chris, Jody & Andy) playing a gig. After the gig Alex discusses with Chris a meeting date and to possibly record. And so in February of 1971 Alex shows up at Ardent where Chris is and enters the studio, announcing he has a new song to play called 'Watch The Sunrise'. Alex pulls up a stool and starts playing his Martin 12 string acoustic guitar - meanwhile Chris is recording the performance and will ultimately add guitar parts to it.

The front cover to disc two features all four Big Star members in an unknown locale. The rear cover features Alex Chilton slumped over an organ in Ardent studios. The outside tray liner pic is Terry Manning recording Chris Bell in 1972.

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