Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Aardvarks - Sinker, Line & Hook: The Anthology 1987-1999 mp3@vbr

Aardvarks are native to Africa but the '80s pop group the Aardvarks have no discernable African influence, nor do they have any '80s influence. They're indebted to the sound of the '60s, particularly the tunes of the latter half of that decade, when psychedelia entered the lexicon of pop. The Aardvarks never belonged to the times, as the 2013 compilation Sinker, Line & Hook: The Anthology 1987-1999  proves. The remarkable thing about this set is that the Aardvarks never seem to belong to any of the 12 years under consideration: even when the values they treasured came back into vogue in the mid-'90s, they didn't ride the Brit-pop wave. This hurt the band commercially but it means this comp -- which contains their 1995 debut, Bargain, on the first disc and all the other rarities on the second -- does exist out of time, delivering tight, enthusiastic pop thrills that hark back to the
'60s without belonging to retro-pop trends. Which means that in order to enjoy the Aardvarks you have to enjoy the basic sound and structure of '60s pop more than the recordings of the time, or the fleeting revivals of the decades that passed. If you look just at the beats, the chords, the hooks, the punch, the Aardvarks are satisfying, which Sinker, Line & Hook proves in spades. (S.T. Erlewine)

Kann ich nur unterschreiben und hoffe, die Scheibe macht euch viel Spaß.

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