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3rd part of 'Big Star - I Got Kinda Lost (2013) [FLAC] {8CD set with bonus 9th disc}' Disc 5&6

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are. Here comes the third part from this legendary band. Disc five covers the post #1 Record period and picks up at the beginning of Radio City. The band demoed some songs between the 2 records with the intention of including them on the next album. Recent information has come to light concerning the song 'Another Time Another Place & You'. One report claims Alex Chilton & Richard Rosebrough performed the track from 1973 (Omnivore Records' claim).
According to the end credits of the Big Star biopic called 'Nothing Can Hurt Me' - the end credits list this song as a 'Bell/Rosebrough' composition. If that is the case -maybe it wasn't intended to be a Big Star track - then again maybe it was. We just don't know. Tracks 7 & 8 are fan remixes. These tracks have the potential of muddying up the trade pool - so this is important to note to the collectors of these things.

Track 14 (O My Soul) is a needledrop from pristine vintage vinyl and is not sourced from the 2009 remaster of the 2 for 1 #1 Record/Radio City CD. The track from the remaster is very loud and based on that it was decided to go with the vintage needledrop of this track to maintain some sort of vintage/authenticity.
This track was originally written by Chilton & Bell.
Unfortunately at this time in the band's history, Chris Bell quits the band, leaving Chilton, Hummel and Stephens to continue and thus dropping Chris Bell's name from any songs he helped write, such as 'Back Of A Car'.

Disc 06
During the period between #1 Record and Radio City the band sort of fragments at this time after Bell's sudden departure and Alex begins recording with Danny Jones (bass) and Richard Rosebrough (drums) as a three piece calling themselves 'The Dolby Fuckers'. This was name that came from a statement Alex had made in the studio regarding Dolby noise reduction.

The Dolby Fuckers sessions produced these songs; 'Mod Lang', 'She's A Mover' and 'What's Going Ahn'.
Disc six, track 9 (Mod Lang - U.S. 45 single mix) is a needledrop from pristine vinyl. This track was only released on vinyl, not on CD.

Okay friends, so far so good. The last two parts come tomorrow.
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