Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Collection Of Rare '60s British Psychedelic And Mod Era Singles: Various Artists - A Perfumed Garden 1965 -1973, Vol.1 (2003 Past & Present Records) Flac & mp3@320

This volume of truly rare British singles of the psychedelic and mod eras contains 17 cuts that are so hard to find that some music historians of the era have never seen or heard them. This is the third time this volume -- first of the original two -- has been released; it initially appeared on vinyl only in the early '80s, and was released on CD in 1991 -- also when Vol. 3 first appeared.

No, it's not Children of Nuggets, nor is it Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, but there is some great stuff here -- all of it is at least worth hearing: Vamp's "Floatin'," Open Mind's "Magic Potion," and Nimrod's "The Bird" are just three examples of a slew of psychedelic and mod tunes to be found here.(

I want post in the next days this wonderful 5 disc collection full of singles from the sixties with psychedelic, garage and mod style sounds. Today i post the first two volumes and the other three volumes will follow in the next days. It's with complete artwork that i post in the next days as well.
Have fun
               SB1     Flac p1  &  Flac p2          mp3@320

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