Saturday, 1 July 2017

Sunshine/Bubblegum Pop by Yellow Balloon - Yellow Ballon 1967 (1998 Sundazed) Flac

Hello Folks, i posted this album around a half year earlier here. But now i post it once again, this time in Flac format. The album is a piece of sunshine surf bubblegum pop with some fine tracks on it if you like this kind of music.

The Yellow Balloon was Don Grady's (Robbie on TV's My Three Sons) rock & roll group, but even more important, the brainchild of California producer Gary Zekley. Not unlike a Gary Usher, Zekley could grab a bunch of musicians and -- filling in the needed holes with his own talent -- produce sessions that rivaled Phil Spector or Brian Wilson for big sound and teen spirit. Grady had already been recording for the same label with his own group, the Windupwatch Band, when Zekley started climbing the charts with "Yellow Balloon," creating a need for a new group to go with the hit.

Grady became the drummer and other members were recruited from various bands around the country, but in the studio, it was still Zekley's show all the way. This 20-track compilation brings together the 11 tracks from the Yellow Balloon's 1967 album, along with the Don Grady with the Windupwatch Band singles (also released on the same Canterbury label), a couple of unreleased demos, and an interview with the late Gary Zekley putting it all in perspective.(allmusic)

Enjoy it
            Frank    Flac p1  &  Flac p2

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