Saturday, 1 July 2017

At Request: Lonnie Mack - Lonnie On The Move (1992 Ace Records, UK) Only Flac

These 19 Flying V-soaked sides pack the same punch and hail from the same mid-'60s timeframe as Mack's seminal LP Wham of That Memphis Man. He unleashes his vibrato-drenched axe on the torrid "Soul Express," "Lonnie on the Move," "Florence of Arabia," and an astonishing instrumental version of "Stand by Me" that'll send aspiring guitarists' jaws crashing to the floor. For a change of pace, "Men at Play" mines a jazzy walking groove to equally satisfying ends.(allmusic)

Believe me Folks, if you don't know this guy or this collection, this is really great and i love this very much. But usually this is not really a album for a blog like this. But it's a request and because i like this also i break my own rules :-) . Anyhow here it is and maybe some of you will like it, too. This post is only in Flac.

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  1. Wonderful collection ... please break your rules some more !!
    Thank you.

  2. Not the usual stuff indeed, but very welcome !! Thanks