Saturday, 29 July 2017

Sixties French Mod & R'n'R Sound By Ronnie Bird - Twistin' The Rock " 2 CD 1964-1968 (2002 Mercury France) Flac & mp3

During the mid-'60s, Ronnie Bird was the only French artist to successfully emulate the sounds of the British Invasion across the channel. Bird was one of the few French singers with a facility for singing rock & roll in French without sounding strained or embarrassing.

His first few discs were crafted with the help of expatriate guitarist Mickey Baker, the same Mickey Baker who was half of Mickey & Sylvia and responsible for great session work on numerous rock and R&B songs in the '50s. Baker played on Bird's discs and actually wrote a few tracks with him, although most of Bird's records were French covers of songs by British giants like the Stones, the Who, the Pretty Things, and the Hollies. For a time, Bird's band included guitarist Mick Jones, who went on to fame with Foreigner in the '70s.

Although extremely derivative of the tougher side of the British Invasion, Bird's covers and originals were respectably hard-driving and well-executed. Dabbling in soul and psychedelia at times as the '60s progressed, Bird eased out of the music business and emigrated to New York in the '70s.(

This guy was a very talented performer and musician. I love his kind of mod style rock'n'roll. I prefer a little bit more his later works but nearly all of what i know from this guy is very good. Hope you will enjoy it, too.

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  1. Ronnie Bird, le seul !!! ... pauvre mec ... occupes-toi plutôt de tes chanteurs et chanteuses bonbons sucrés, tu n'y connais rien !

  2. Hi,
    I'm am a big fan of Ronnie Bird but you're talking about "Mickey & Sylvia",maybe have you " Mickey & Sylvia ‎– Love Is Strange " compilation?Very difficult to find it on the net.Thanks for posting all these great stuff.

    1. I am sorry but i don't have it.
      Kind regards

  3. He's been a favorite of mine for a long time. Thanks for posting.