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At Request: The Motels! The Motels - All Four One/Little Robbers 1982/83 (2009 BGO Records) Flac & mp3@320

All Four One:

The Motels' third album All 4 One finds the group working the fine line between mainstream arena-rock and quirky new wave pop. Their roots lie in the sleek, polished Californian hard rock that dominated late-'70s and early-'80s album-oriented radio, but All Four One has a shiny new wave production, complete with keyboards and processed guitars.

Still, it plays like arena rock, especially since Martha Davis oversings each track, but its best moments -- "Take the L" (out of lover and it's over) and the single "Only the Lonely" -- are embarrassingly catchy guilty pleasures that make the album an entertaining nostalgia piece. [One Way's CD reissue is even more attractive, since it adds the group's two other big singles, "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Shame," as bonus tracks.]

Little Robots:

Little Robbers, the follow-up to the Motels' commercial breakthrough All 4 One, is nearly as consistent as its predecessor, finding the perfect balance between mainstream rock conventions and quirky new wave flourishes. Again, the singles are the best parts of the record, with the hazy "Suddenly Last Summer" deservedly reaching the Top Ten and "Remember the Nights" being a fine AOR workout, but the remainder of the album suffers from undistinguished material and a distinct lack of hooks.

I was never a big fan of the Motels but they had some very strong songs. And a good looking singer :-) .
Enjoy it
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  1. Your blog is fantastic! So many wonderful undiscovered bands as well as all the usual favorites. Thanks for posting the request!